5 Minute Art


5 Minute Art Classes

When you are ready to get creative, but you don’t have a lot of time or ideas, these sweet little 5 minute classes will get your creative engine roaring!


I want to make sure that I can make this experience accessible to folks who have not been centered in creative spaces due to their race, sexuality or gender identity, disability, or folks who could not financially afford to take my classes. If you are interested in a scholarship spot, you can apply here.

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From a Mindful Art Studio Student:


“Thanks to you, someone who never considered herself any kind of artist, has now dropped that attitude along with the need to even assess or judge it. I just watch your videos, try new things, and feel the joy in the process. Please continue your process because your worldwide audience cannot get enough of your encouragement, simplicity, and hopefulness…especially in these troubled times.”


Jo Jensen
Austin, TX