5 Minute Acrylic Art Journal Page


Let’s explore what happens when we use acrylic paint and a gel pen to create for 5 minutes in our art journal. My guess is that you’ll surprise yourself with what you can create slowly, and beautifully, in 5 minutes. I’ll also show you how to extend to the second page if you have more time. This time is for you!

+ Acrylic paint in the color of your choice

+ Wide, flat acrylic paint brush, or whatever you have

+ Gel pen or paint pen in white

+ Palette and paint rag

+ Hand dryer or hair dryer for quick paint drying

This is a video based mini class.

Mindful Art classes has been my shelter through the storm of COVID 19 and all the challenging things that are happening in this world. I look forward for each class. It allows me to set aside one hour to slow down and breathe out calm and peace. With many gratitude to Amy for these classes.
Viola Comadizo Mayol