Purchase The Fluid Painting Workbook

Dear Fluid Art Student:

Once I had been playing with fluid paints for several months, I found I wanted to keep pushing the boundaries of what they could do. I started playing with high flows on mixed media board, canvas, and aqua board, varying in size from 4 inches to a few feet. It’s incredibly fun to have so many options for this work. In general I still like to keep my work on the smaller size, 5.5 x 7, or so, because I create with so much detail, it would feel overwhelming otherwise, but you can take it anywhere you want. (Of course I still have some ideas for larger pieces, but we shall see!)

I want to offer you the tools and inspiration to take your high flow paint techniques out of your journal and onto your wall.

The Fluid Painting Workbook is a 14 page PDF guide with:

  • Tons of new high flow techniques
  • Preparation for mindful art practice
  • A printable desk cheat sheet for inspiration
  • Technical tips, supplies, and ways to prep your art space that keep you creating more
  • Tons of inspirational photos and guidance

The Fluid Painting Workbook is an add-on for Fluid Art course students only. You can get it now for $15.



 Creatively Yours,