Printing With String

Hello Wonderful, Creative You:

Click here to download your Printing with String PDF. It’s full of all the goodies, links, ideas and inspiration you’ll need to take this fabulous technique to the next level.

I hope you enjoy printing with string!

I’ve got another invitation for you to create with me too. It’s a beautiful little class that’s meant to get you creating in the simplest, most fun way. It’s called The Simplest Thing Journal. I created this class because I wondered how I could help myself and my students create in the freest way possible, without the shoulds and doubts.

black page fish

So I got this idea: What if each time I sat down with my journal, I just made the simplest thing possible?

And here’s the wild thing – that invitation – to do the very simplest thing – was very freeing. There was no pressure to be good, or interesting, I just had to do something. But it also opened up a lot of creative possibilities in my mind about simplicity.

So I decided to make a class with 8 different step-by step lessons of my favorite simple and beautiful prompts. I’d love for you to join this pre-recorded, self-paced class too and see all the creative possibilities it opens up for you.

What’s the simplest thing you could do in your journal?

I’m offering a special 20% off coupon for Making Zen students. Enter code: SIMPLE20 at checkout to save between now and November 30th.

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Creatively Yours,