Posting Content to Facebook Groups from Your Phone

Because Mindful Art Studio’s classes have groups in Facebook, I made a little tutorial for folks on getting to your groups and posting.


First things first, let’s establish a shortcut to get you to your group: Start by pressing the three lines that appear on the bottom right when you open to your Facebook feed.

Once you have this screen open, press “Edit” under Shortcuts:

You’ll see a list of your groups. Scroll through until you see the one you are looking for. Press the button to the right of the group. It will either say Auto, Pinned, or Hidden.

When you click it, a box will appear that looks like this. Make sure that it says Pin to the top of shortcuts. If you have a ton of other shortcuts pinned, you might change them to auto so that you can see just the 2 or 3 groups that you want to see in your shortcuts.

Now for posting in the group, and not as a comment to someone else’s post in the group. Be sure that when you are posting, you see a screen that looks like this:

If you are in someone else’s post, the screen looks like this. Note how the bar below says “Write a comment…” whereas the one above where you would be starting a new post says “Write something…”


Happy Posting!!!


XO Amy