Playing With Inchie Art

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I had to keep quiet about my BIG ART approach for a long time while I was building my class – it’s so fun to share with you now about it. I wanted to get playful, I made a little video for you that shows my process:

For this series, I’ve used Strathmore watercolor paper, 400 series, a Fiskar’s paper cutter, and a Micron size 01 pen.

Inchies really do invite innovation, and discovery! Here’s my tips for making the most of inchie art:

  • Carry your watercolor squares with you to make portable art.
  • Explore one theme or pattern at a time.
  • Make a lot of squares on one theme- 20, 50, or 150 squares.
  • Make tiny variations with each new square.
  • Exhaust each idea or theme before moving on.
  • Assemble the pieces in various collections – in small and large collections, pairing and grouping different squares and exploring as many different variations on each theme as possible.

Large series inchie art serves two very important purposes:

  • You’ll always know what you want to make art about, and
  • You’ll develop your most creative, original ideas.

I love the way working in a series gives me countless ideas to explore and I almost never feel at a loss about what to create. I’d love to show you more of what I’ve been doing with my BIG ART approach – there’s 11 projects, 4 paint techniques, 11 drawing techniques, and creative jumpstart exercises, you’ll have countless ways to combine your inchies into BIG ART.

Click here to watch another fun video of the projects YOU can make:

inchie art, big art pieces

I’d love to hear how you are using your inchies!

Creatively Yours,



  1. Gretta Benson

    It has opened my eyes to thinking of my art differently! I’ve always loved doing mini landscapes of places I love but now I’m combining them with other small art pieces such as patterns you taught us or zentangle!! It’s so much fun! I can’t thank you enough!!!

    • Amy Maricle

      Hi Gretta:

      I’m so thrilled that this is all coming together for you. What a joy it is to be able to add to your art life!

  2. Laurie J Munn

    Hi Amy, I just started my inchies with the Big Sky project and am really enjoying it. Since this is my first project of this type I am getting acquainted with the paint (I typically do watercolor) and the small sizes are delightful to work with.

    • Amy Maricle

      Hi Laurie: Oh what fun it is to have you in the BIG ART class! Big Sky is such a satisfying, delicious way to dwell with color and paint over and over again, allowing things to evolve without rushing over time. I’m SO excited that you are playing this way! And yes, the small size just says – “Hey! Let’s make a little art!” XO – Amy


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