Playful Journaling: Illustrating with Paint Blobs and Gel Pens

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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I have been enjoying illustrating with paint blobs so much, I’m super excited to share it with you. Over the last year or so, I’ve been exploring a lot of the possibilities of high flow liquid acrylic paint. I never realized what a world of creative fun I was missing before these came into my life. They drip, they smudge, they create washes, they make fun shapes when you blow on them, and they mix together in beautiful, unexpected ways. This is some of the most fun creative self-care I do!

I’m also excited to explain how this idea came together, because it’s a great example of taking bits of this and that from other artists, and putting it together in your own way, much like Austin Kleon describes in Steal Like an Artist. We have so much room to inspire each other and grow together creatively.


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I was introduced to this idea of taking a “blob” and turning it into an animal or a creature in a wonderful tutorial from Carla Sonheim. She makes “blobimals,” that are so fun and fanciful. As I played with this, I also noticed that my artist pal, Roxanne Coble, seemed to sometimes paint forms or silhouettes, and then use gel pens to create depth and detail.  Viktoria Astrom, a stamp cutter and illustrator who I found on Instagram, does amazingly expressive animal stamps full of texture and detail. The process I’m teaching you here is the amalgam of all these artistic approaches and styles.

Isn’t that fun?

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Creative Notes on Illustrating with Paint:


Art Supplies:*

High flow acrylic paints

Gel pens

Mixed media paper

Gel medium


Moleskine art journal


I can’t wait to see what you create! Follow me on Instagram @AmyMaricle and tag #MindfulArtStudio so I can experience the fun along with you.


Creatively Yours,






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    • Amy Johnson Maricle


      Long live the work of making art – YES! OUI! Merci beaucoup pour regarder le video et pour commenter. Bienvenue a la comunite de Mindful Art Studio! Welcome!

      Creatively Yours,



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