Pattern Play – You’re In!

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I’m so excited you are going to join us for the pattern play retreat on Friday, June 28th from 12pm – 5pm EST on ZOOM! I’ll be in touch as the workshop gets closer with your PDF and some reminders. Until then, you can start gathering your nature based pattern samples and materials.

Pattern Play Materials

For this workshop, you’ll need to bring the following materials:

Prepping for the Retreat: HOMEWORK

In addition to gathering your materials, I have two pieces of homework you can get going on and start your pattern adventures now:

Create your own mark making tool. I’ve got a whole Pinterest board on this topic right here, but basically all you need is a pencil or a stick, some string or a rubber band to tie it on with, and something you would like to test out as a brush or marker. For example, you might use a stick, pine needles, and string to make a brush. Dip this in some acrylic paint or ink, and play! We will use these during the retreat.

Gather patterns that inspire you. I’d love for you to start tuning into the patterns that speak to you. Not sure where to look? Here’s some ideas: textiles like drapes, clothing, and upholstery; natural patterns like star clusters, cells, leaf vein patterns, animal skins, shells, cut fruit, cracked earth, and branches. You can check out my Pinterest board on patterns too.


Join Zoom Meeting

Please get familiar with using Zoom before our retreat:

With this 1 minute video.

Feel free to reach out any time with questions. I can’t wait to create and connect with you and this beautiful group!

XO Amy