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There IS time and space for creativity in your life, I can help you find it.



Meet Your guide, Amy

I work with people from all over the world – from folks who want a creative outlet for stress relief, to experienced artists who want to weave more intuition, mindfulness, and freedom into their work.

What we are doing here is not art therapy, but because of my training as an art therapist, I believe deeply in a process-oriented approach to art making. Tuning into the moment through your senses allows you to be mindfully present, enjoy the process of creating and experimenting, and let the inner critic relax. The funny part is, the more you focus on process, the more your art product improves.

“Whenever I feel stuck, it seems you always come to my rescue and remind me that I can do art every day…even if it is only an inch at a time. Thank you for all your inspiration.”

Lin Powell

“You have blessed and affirmed me in so many ways, Amy. As I have shared with you before, your words are like water in parched ground and I am receiving the gift of your life-giving words. Thank you.

Not only are you a gifted artist, but you are also gifted in relating to others and calling forth what we can’t yet see. I am honored to be in your class and to receive instruction in art and in the intuitive process from you. You are such a GIFT.”



Blog Posts

Art Journaling for Anxiety: Dwelling in the Mystery

Art Journaling for Anxiety: Dwelling in the Mystery

  I've been trying to find the words to describe why working abstract, with no plan, and letting go of the outcome is such a mindful, exciting, and yet calming experience all at once. It's one of my main forms of creative self-care these days, and really helps...

12 Ways to Make an Art Studio at Home

12 Ways to Make an Art Studio at Home

Dear Wonderful, Creative You: One of the things that people consistently say gets in the way of making art is not having an art space. I'd like to share some ideas for creating a fun, funky, and functional art space you can really use in your home. [bctt tweet="Even...

Simple Drawing Techniques for Anxiety

Simple Drawing Techniques for Anxiety

Dear Wonderful, Creative You, I don't normally like to engage in "telling secrets," but today I will, because I want to share three artistic secrets with you. Don't tell anyone. Unless you like them. Or find them useful, or fun, or entertaining. Then please tell them...

10 Handmade Art Journals You’ll Want to Make

10 Handmade Art Journals You’ll Want to Make

  Dear Wonderful, Creative You: Handmade art journals inspire me. They offer so much creative control and choice. You can determine the shape, size, and density of your art journal, and whether, and how, it is bound. You may use traditional bookbinding...


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