Nook Slow Drawing Pattern

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I’m so pleased that you are taking the Nook class! I want to share a few resources here with you, including supplies, ways to use slow drawing patterns, and the link for my book, which I mention in the workshop.

For this workshop, you’ll need the following supplies:

+ Drawing pen, such as a Micron size 01
+ Several pieces of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 3 x 4 inches

Book: Draw Yourself Calm: Draw Slow, Stress Less


If you are interested in making a piece like the one below with the slow drawing and beautiful meandering lines, you have a special invitation to my class Inky Lines. We use bamboo brushes and gorgeous ink and watercolor to mindfully, beautifully explore the page. Then I’ll show you how to add beautiful patterns like Nook and others. It’s relaxing, playful, and yields beautiful results. Use coupon code: UNLEASHED20 to save 20% through July 1st.

Slow Drawing Project Ideas

  • Create a journal page covered with the Nook pattern. Take your time and let it evolve in short drawing sessions over a week or so. Enjoy it.
  • Combine the Nook pattern with another slow drawing or slow painting pattern. See how many different ways you can combine it. Make little experiments on tiny sheets of paper or on a test page in your art journal.
  • Make a card. Glue your slow drawing onto a piece of card stock and brighten someone’s day with a handmade note.
  • Create a slow drawing collage. Use several slow drawing pieces and collage with them. I find that the collection and combination of slow drawings in a variety of ways makes surprising and beautiful pieces.

Thank you so much for creating with me.

Creatively Yours,