New Year’s Intention: Choose Love




Several months ago one of my clients asked if I had heard Jim Carrey’s commencement speech about choosing LOVE. She thought the message closely aligned with the work we had been doing, and after watching, I couldn’t agree more. I hope his message resonates with you as much as it has with me.


How I’m Choosing LOVE

Many times when I make a choice, even small one, I ask myself:

“Is this based on love, or fear?”

I’ve been telling my fear to take a hike more often recently. For example. I found an AMAZING artist online with a gorgeous website, tons of free tutorials and classes, and heaps of talent.  I created the lovely background for the Choose LOVE badge at the top of the page from one of her tutorials.

I hesitated about sharing this artist, Carla Sonheim, with you because the fearful part of me worried that it wasn’t wise to send you to another art therapist or teacher’s page. But I realize that would have been a fear-based choice.

I’m here to connect you with as many resources as I can for you to live a creative, fulfilled life. Being graced with the opportunity to do this is what energizes and invigorates me.

So please check her out, I think you will love her too:


How do you Choose LOVE?

I am so inspired by the idea of framing our choices in terms of LOVE or FEAR. It’s amazing how much this question clarifies when I am trying to play it safe. I created this printable PDF to help you do the same. Click to download!



 Jim Carrey on Choosing LOVE

Here’s both the short highlights version and full version of the speech.  I recommend the full version if you can spare a few extra minutes (video #2)  You get a bit more of Jim Carrey’s wit and goofiness.


What does choosing LOVE mean to you? How do you ask fear to step aside? What’s one thing you could do to choose LOVE this week?




  1. Dorlee


    Thank you for sharing your intention of choosing love [over fear]. I love the worksheet you created and the idea of considering whether future decisions are being influenced/made out of love or fear.

    This ties in so well with one of my three words for the year “reach” as in reaching beyond my comfort zone. When/if hesitation appears, I will try applying your worksheet and/or question to help propel me toward the extension/love zone.

    I also loved Jim Carrey’s talk! I especially appreciated these gems:
    1) “You could fail at what you don’t want so you might as well do what you love.”
    2) Risk being seen in all your glory
    3) Don’t ever let fear turn you against your playful heart

    Wishing you a year full of love!

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      HI Dorlee!

      Thank you so much for visiting, reading, and watching!

      I agree that the concept of choosing love and reaching beyond our comfort zones are so intertwined, thanks for sharing yours.

      Isn’t Carrey’s talk powerful? Who would’ve known that Jim Carrey was such a deep guy? On the other hand, I guess it makes sense, but you never know these things until you know them, right? That first argument about maybe you will fail has always rung true with me too – why not try to do what you love- the risk of failure is there no matter what we do.

      Thinking again about reaching – it’s amazing how scary it can be to reach sometimes. Reaching out to others, reaching for a new goal. Fear can really keep us so stuck if we let it.

      Here’s to telling fear to step aside.




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