Mindful Art Party!

Hello Wonderful, Creative You:

It’s an open studio art party, so once we do our creative warmups together, we will talk together about intuition while we all work on our separate projects. Not sure what to make? Use this simple, yet dynamic drawing technique I love.

If You Loved this, Join me for a FULL DAY PAINTING RETREAT!

If you loved creating live with me today, and would like to learn a roadmap for creating your own abstract paintings on canvas, why not join me for a full day online art retreat?

These retreats are very special experiences. We have the opportunity to gather together, just like in a real, live retreat, but online. I’ve been leading online retreats for some time, and there are many things I do to invite a sense of community and trust. One of them is that the retreats, like a live retreat, are live and not recorded. This means that students show up fully present – with the work, themselves, and each other. This has a huge impact on the work and the experience is very uplifting and supportive. 

Use code GATHER25 to save.