Mindful Art Parties

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

Since we went into quarantine, each week I’ve been holding a live, free Mindful Art Party. It’s a time you dedicate to yourself, to connect and create with artists from all over the world. Despite social distancing, we can still create together through the magic of the internet. It’s very special to host these parties and know that we are united in our art.

I have heard from many students that these art parties help get them through the week. These workshops are rich experiences for me too. It’s powerful to connect with you through art right now, when we all need connection so badly. It’s a privilege to be able to facilitate these mindful art workshops for you.

I begin each session with a creative warmup, usually a visualization. This helps us to get centered on playful art making. Throughout the workshop, I guide you to focus on process by noticing through the senses, instead of focusing on critical self-talk. We explore simple themes in multiple ways that often lead to BIG ideas for your art. Most importantly, we can let go of everything else for an hour, and have fun making art. We paint, draw, and tune into the beauty of the moment through our senses.

I know not everyone can access the parties live, or on Facebook, so I make the REPLAYS available on my site for free for 48 hours.

Some folks have asked how to support me in offering these Mindful Art Parties, I’m accepting donations of any size, if you wish, through Paypal.

To join the parties, just join my mailing list, and you’ll get the link for each week’s party:

You’ll find the Slow Drawing Party Replay page here.

mindful art classes

I can’t wait to create with you!

Creatively Yours,



  1. Rachelle Oppenhuizen

    Thank you from Michigan, Amy 🙂
    I just watched Ripple and it’s just what I wanted today. I sent a friend on over too. Kim. I think she’ll love this.

    • Amy Maricle

      HI Rachelle in Michigan!! I’m so thrilled that I could provide what you needed for your art today. That makes me so happy. Happy rippling! xo

  2. Peggy Jo Farr

    I’d like to give to the Mindful Art Parties. Is there a way to donate. I am grateful that they are free. I like to give, please let me know how I can give to it. Thank you, Peggy Jo

    • Amy Maricle

      HI Peggy Jo:

      You are so sweet. Yes, I’m accepting donations via Paypal here: For folks who are looking for a way to support these Mindful Art Parties, I’m accepting donations of any amount via Paypal: paypal.me/AmyMaricle

    • Amber Cartner-Eastman

      Just a headsup, may want to edit… I knew the link would probably not work to get the Ripples A mindful Pattern Party but tried it anyways. I got my hopes up when it said it’s expired but click here to access anyway (paraphrased due to short term memory lapses lol) … But got the 404 error page… Sad Panda

      • Amy Maricle

        Hi Amber – No need to be a Sad Panda! Thanks for the heads up, I’ve fixed the link to the correct replay page. I post each week’s replay there for 48 hours. You can check it out now if you wish. Cheers! REPLAY


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