Making Spirit Sticks: A Friday Mindful Art Party

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

The replay for this Friday mindful art workshop has expired, but you can join the class and still create your own spirit sticks with me! We will be making art that imbues strength and hope by incorporating natural materials. Take a walk in your neighborhood and be on the hunt for the perfect stick – one that is dry and has lost most of its bark. (Alternatively you can peel it off.)

As always, we will start with a creative centering exercise, and then begin creating magic. You may want to keep this spirit stick for yourself, to remind you of the healing power of art, or you may want to gift it to a helper, or a person who really needs a lift.

Let’s create!

A class like this would normally cost $39 in the shop, but during quarantine, I’m making it available to as many people as I can with special pricing of $14. Here’s what you’ll need:


+ Dried stick of the size of your choice – could be a twig or a staff with bark largely removed

+ Acrylic paint and acrylic paint brushes for painting on stick, covering large areas and tiny details

+ Heat gun or hair dryer for speeding drying time

+ Glue(s) – Glue gun and glue sticks or YES paste for larger heavier items, gel medium I believe works for paper on wood also

Optional Fun Materials:

+ Paint pens

+ Beads, pebbles, shells

+ Yarn, string, small bits of fabric

+ Feathers, birch bark

+ Bits of collage items, including bits of your own art, photos printed on paper, cut paper


I’m so happy we could create together!

Creatively Yours,