Make a Shared Art Journal with Kids

Make a Shared Art Journal with Kids

Over the last few weeks we have been talking about different ways to use your art journal for self-care. (You can find the posts on Simple Drawing Techniques for Anxiety, The DIY Adult Coloring Book, and 10 ways to make your own art journal by clicking the links.) Today I’d like to share another wonderful way to art journal, which is keeping a “shared journal.”

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What Is a Shared Journal?

As you might imagine, a shared journal is one that is kept by more than one person. As such, it’s not one person’s most intimate words, thoughts, or images, but rather a way to communicate or record memories with two or more people. You can imagine how fun and meaningful shared journaling can be in families. Your journal pages can be written, visual, or a combination of both.

Shared Journaling with Younger Kids

With younger kids, you might draw and narrate a story, or paste in pictures and write about special memories. Structured writing prompts, such as those in this post from Journal Buddies, could help you to explore what makes your family unique. When I do written entries, I like to incorporate some visual elements to “fancy it up” a bit, such as some doodles or a background.

Shared Journaling as a Way to Communicate with Teens

A shared journal is a great way to open up conversation with your teen. Pass the journal back and forth as you both make images, creating a “visual conversation” between you. You might choose to talk about the art each time one of you makes an image and the other does a visual response, or you might let that part evolve more naturally.
I find it really fun waiting for my visual responses!

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 More Ideas for Art Journaling with Kids

Today I’m sharing even more ideas for art journal entries with kids, over on the Imperfect Families blog. You can check them out here.

How do you use a shared journal? What kinds of art journaling techniques do you use with kids? Tell us about it in the comments!

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