Let’s Dive Deep!


Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I am so thrilled that you will be joining me for this amazing live online class, Diving Deep: Intuitive Art Journaling. We will be on such a rich journey together, I just can’t wait to see what emerges for you.

Remember to join our private Facebook group, as this is your online classroom and where you can access everything you need:

Diving Deep: Intuitive Art Journaling Facebook Group

Here’s your supply list with clickable links to help get you prepared for your artistic journey!

Our first class is Monday, September at 24th noon EST. You can check what time that is for you right here Please put it in your calendar so that you don’t miss out on the live class. If you are working or sleeping at that hour, however, you can catch the replay at any time. Remember that I will be available for feedback only during the 6 weeks that our class is live, however, so try to take advantage of that!


Here’s what to expect for the class: 

Mondays: Live class at 12 noon EST for 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes, depending on the lesson. I will pin the latest lesson to the top of the Facebook group each week to make it easy to find.

Thursdays: An additional live video to support your learning and exploration, based on the needs I can see in the group.

Ongoing: Sharing in the Facebook group, feedback from me and others in a supportive, positive space.


A note about self-care: 

I invite you to show up in our group in the way that feels right to you. If I suggest something in class that doesn’t feel fun or right to you, you can just leave it aside. Part of what this class will help you to do is to find a rhythm for your creative practice. I invite you to challenge yourself, to set aside assumptions about what you can or cannot do, and to try new things, but in a gentle, nourishing way. My classes are meant to invigorate your art and intuitive practice, not cause stress. You have lifetime access to the videos, group, and the PDF, so you will have all the time you need to work through the class. You can ask me questions at any time while our class is live, and the group will continue to be available to each other ongoing.


I wish you such a beautiful experience diving into this art process.

Creatively Yours,