Homework: Gather animal print inspiration

There are SO MANY amazing animals from whom you can take patterns, color schemes, shape formations, and more.

  • Think about different animal groups – fish, reptiles, birds, and cats.
  • Think about habitats – desert, ocean, tundra, plains, rain forest, mountains, forest

Where to look for animal patterns?

I would caution you to stay away from other artists’ interpretations of animal prints. That means I’d avoid using textiles or art with prints. I would focus on animal photography. Google and Pinterest should be good friends to you as you dive into the amazing world of animal skins, feathers, scales, etc. You may want to create a Pinterest board of your animal print inspiration. See what colors, textures, and patterns excite you. This creative prep work will help you simmer on your ideas in the background. Especially right now, we need to find distraction, but also beauty and meaning in our lives. Diving deeply into an art topic is something I’ve found helps me find meaning. I hope it does for you as well.

Here’s some possible searches you might try, and then do your own too. Do an IMAGE search:

It is AMAZING to also learn a bit about the animal that you choose to take inspiration from for your patterns. It makes the art richer and more meaningful because you have a connection.

+ If you search “animal skins,” most of what you’ll get is cheezy animal print wallpaper and whatnot. I learned that the hard way!