Layers of Light

Layers of Light is an intuitive approach to paper cutting. You’ll gain all the technical skills to create beautiful, detailed paper cuts, but also hone your unique artistic vision. You’ll see what a meditative experience it is to create these gorgeous, intricate designs, and have the playful adventure of making it your own.

Layers of Light is a celebration of the joy that art can bring to your life when you begin seeing like a paper cut artist – looking for patterns in nature, carrying a sketchbook to capture your ideas, and giving yourself permission to make something a little bit magical every day.

“I absolutely love paper cutting! As soon as I make the first cut, I’m in another place — quiet timeless being!  I’m focusing on each cut of the knife, each drop of paper into the cup, each pause before the next cut.” – Carol Held

Develop Your Artistic Voice

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Any book or class on paper cutting can give you patterns and show how to cut them out. I’m interested in helping you develop a way to express yourself through paper cutting. I want to help you develop your own shape and pattern vocabulary, both in paper cutting, and in your art practice as a whole. Working mindfully, tuning into the sensations of paper cutting can help you find greater quiet, so that you can use my exercises to help you heed the call of your unique intuitive voice, pushing beyond copying, into your greatest creative work.

Your investment for this experience is $199.

Part 1: Defining Your Intuitive Practice

Part 2: Paper Cutting Principles

Part 3: Exploring Marks, Shapes & Patterns (Developing Your Voice)

Part 4: Cutting From a Drawing

Part 5: Paper Cut Projects

Part 6: Framing

Part 7: Pitfalls & Trouble Shooting

Bonus Projects 

Course Content

  • 34 Beautifully shot instructional videos
  • 27 Paper cutting, framing, and intuitive creativity lessons
  • 99-page Download and print-ready Layers of Light e-book, with cheat sheets on techniques and patterns
  • 7 Paper cut projects
  • 1 private Facebook community
  • Lifetime access to class content
  • Expert guidance from Amy on developing your artistic voice
Your 99-page printable Layers of Light E-book, with cheat sheets

paper cutting ideas, paper cut tutorial, paper cutting techniques

Your investment for this experience is $199

This class is closed for registration until the next session in 2020! Sign up for the newsletter to stay connected and inspired!


“I’ve taken a lot of art courses recently, and what distinguishes Amy from other art teachers is her wish to give you the tools to combine skills with intuition so you can create art in which you can express yourself. Her goal is not to teach you 1 – 2 new tricks by asking you to replicate her work. Instead she wants to give you knowledge that will truly fuel your art practice.” – Sandra, The Netherlands

“If you have followed Amy Maricle and enjoy her intuitive style of art, you should definitely look at her paper cutting and the evolution to this new medium – it’s amazing!  Layers of Light is like nothing I have ever seen, and you will not be disappointed.” – Shelley G., IL, USA

“I absolutely love Layers of Light. I’ve taken great online classes before, but never a course quite like this. First of all, paper cutting for a clumsy squirrel like me? It’s not only possible, it’s actually very calming. With Amy’s gentle guidance, permission to create without judgment, and her intention setting sequence, I use paper cutting to create more mindful moments in my day. Thank you Amy for this class and for providing such great value.” – Angie Bailey

“Having taken Amy’s Fluid Art class I knew this would be a good experience. But wow! It is so much more than I anticipated. There are numerous videos clearly showing how to approach paper cutting, and so many beautiful examples. The inspiration and encouragement provided gave me the confidence needed to begin working with this lovely art form. It’s a fabulous class!” -Ann Caswell

Paper Cutting Techniques, Paper Cutting Class

Students respond to my gentle teaching style, as I work to empower students to grow their skills while also using art as a means to melt into the moment, and hone their unique style.

Paper cut art journal, paper cutting ideas, paper cutting techniques

FAQ about Layers of Light Paper Cutting Class

Can I take this class if I have no paper cutting experience?

Absolutely! I will lead you through step by step from setting up your space and cutting techniques, to patterns, to various different paper cutting projects with step by step instructions and ways to make it your own.

Should I take this class if I am an experienced artist?

I believe strongly in a mindful, intuitive approach to art making. I want to make sure that you not only acquire the technical skills and understand the techniques, but that you learn my process for tuning into the moment, and dancing between artistic principles and an intuitive approach that makes your art practice meaningful. A mindful art practice has given me the gift of tuning into the beauty throughout my day. Each of these moments I notice is like a little gift, I want to share this way of seeing with you and help you translate it into your unique paper cutting vision and way of letting the light into your life.

Is this class art therapy?

This class is not art therapy. However, I am a board certified art therapist, and I use my understanding of psychology, mindfulness, and the artistic process to help students tune joyfully into the moment and engage in their art practice in deeper ways. We will not use this class to address your mental health concerns, but engaging in a mindful art practice, like any mindfulness or art practice, may have positive benefits for your overall sense of well-being.

Can I give this class as a gift?

Yes! Click here to give this class as a gift.

Do I need basic computer knowledge to take the class?

Yes, this class is accessible on a page hosted on my website. The videos are all shot in HD and require a broadband connection for viewing the class.

Is this class live or self-paced?

This is a self-paced class with videos. You can access them on the site whenever you want. You’ll also have access to our private FB community with folks from all over the world.

Are payment plans available for the class?

I’m always happy to create a payment plan to help make the class accessible to you. Reach out to me at and we can figure it out together. Gift certificates are also available for classes, and this is another great option – ask for an art experience for your birthday or next holiday!

What is the refund policy?

Because this is an immediate, lifetime access class, no refunds will be granted, regardless of circumstances. Registration is non-transferrable.

How much are the supplies for this class?

Supplies are not included in the cost of the class. The price for the basic starting supplies are about $50. Depending on which projects you choose from the class, you may need some other supplies as well. I’ve broken up the supply list by project and included links and prices for your convenience. Be sure to factor in the cost of supplies when considering your registration. Click here to see the paper cutting supply list.

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This class is closed for registration until the next session in 2020! Sign up for the newsletter to stay connected and inspired!