Intuitive Painting Techniques

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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

The last days of the year are a time for most of us to take a deep breath and sink deeply into the couch after the holiday craziness. It’s also a great time to do some introspective art. Rather than endlessly scrolling through social media or watching Harry Potter for the tenth time, (who, me?) why not make some time for yourself and your art practice by using these intuitive painting techniques?

I had a ton of fun developing these pages and I can’t wait to see what you create. I’ve included a list of tips and supplies below, but first here’s your tutorial!



Intuitive Painting Tips:

  • Intuitive painting is an invitation to be non-judgmentally present with yourself. See what shows up on the page and follow it. Don’t be perfect, be open.
  • Stand back and let the painting “speak” to you: Pick up your journal and stand it up. Take several steps back and consider it from a distance.
  • Trust your imagination. When you think – “Oh, this reminds me of,” or, “It’s sort of like” let that shape the direction of the art piece.
  • Work on more than one painting at a time. This will help keep you from overdoing or forcing your art pieces in a particular direction.
  • Turn your work and create from different angles.
  • Break some art rules. Write on your painting or use art supplies the “wrong” way.
  • Mix and match different elements of your art practice: Sew on journal pages, stamp on painted pages, or dance while you paint. It will make your work more fresh and more you.
  • Take your time. Give yourself and your work the respect it deserves and let the intuitive painting narratives unravel slowly. It might be a narrative about a character, or simply about color. Be open to whatever offers itself to you. Our art is after all, a gift.
  • If you’d like to learn more about working this way, check out my class, Fluid Art.

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Supplies I Used for this Intuitive Painting Session:

High Flow Acrylic Paints:

Titanium White

Carbon Black

Quinacridone Nickel Azo Gold

Burnt Sienna


Brushes: Artist Loft Synthetic Brushes



Moleskine Art Plus Sketchbook Large

Strathmore Watercolor Journal



Posca pen in white, extra fine tip in White

Sakura Gelly Roll in white


Adhesive: Liquitex Matte Gel Medium


I’d love to hear about your intuitive painting experiences in the comments.

Creatively Yours,




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  1. Rae

    Thanks for this informative and validating video. I needed that reminder that these paintings are a time for me to spend time with myself, and to be patient and open with taking the next creative steps within a painting. This can help keep the king kong inner critic at bay…
    Thanks again for this video.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      HI Rae:

      It’s always so validating for ME to know that I’ve validated you, so thank you for the gift of your words as well. Also I love how you call the inner critic the king kong critic. That made me laugh out loud. Happy creating to you! – Amy

  2. heidi

    was it the sakura gelli roll that you used and then painted over that showed through the paint? or the posca? That is a technique I’ve not seen before, very cool. I love both pieces very much.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      HI Heidi!

      yes, it was the Sakura gelly roll, though I suspect that the Posca would certainly do the same. I’m so happy you like the pieces, I was tickled, especially with the second and so SO enjoyed the process of getting in depth with that colorscape.
      I can’t wait to see what you do with some of the ideas.
      XO Amy

  3. Lee Mears

    Watching you paint is like watching a Magic Show!

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Aw, Lee, I’m so happy you enjoyed the lesson! Can’t wait to see what you create! XO Amy


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