The Holiday Self-Care Challenge Week: 4

By: Amy Maricle HSC GIVING II

Hello You!

This last week of the challenge, (plus a couple of days) I thought we could focus on something that really speaks to the spirit of the season: Giving.

When we talk about self-care, we focus a lot on needing to be sure that you give to yourself, and it is essential. The key is balance, of course.  Some people give way too much to others, and very little to themselves, while with others it’s the opposite. Neither is fulfilling.

So what does “giving,” or “generosity” mean to you, in your life? Both as a recipient and a giver?


Love “Languages”

Have you ever heard of that book, The Five Love Languages? I never read it, but I came across the concept a long time ago and it has always resonated for me and my clients. (Click the hyperlink to learn more from Gary Chapman’s website.)

The idea is that we show our love and affection in different ways. This framework breaks it into 5 categories:

words of affirmation,

quality time,

physical touch,

acts of service, and

giving gifts.

You may fall into several camps, or even all, but most of us tend to lean more heavily on one or two.


Balancing What You Give to Others and Yourself

Think about yourself, your family, partner, and close friends.  What are their categories? This framework can be an interesting way to look at how we “give” and “receive.”

I tend to be heavy on words of affirmation.  (Shocking, I know.) I am always humbled by the people in my life who so naturally do service for others. Over the years, I have made an active effort to add service into my giving repertoire. Because I have to put some conscious thought into it, doing service for others often feels really good.

Isn’t that amazing? I have always been fascinated by the fact that we humans are hard wired to enjoy helping each other. It feels good to give. This is certainly not a mistake. Things go awry only when we forget to find balance.


So how are you giving this holiday season, to yourself and others? What languages of love do you use? Comment below or show us on Instagram!


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  1. karin

    interesting topic. quality time. an ultimate gift to give and receive. fits all shapes, ages, sizes, people, animals. in short, a gesture of priority and focus that works with or without words.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Karin:

      I like how you framed the idea of giving your time. It is indeed the ultimate way of SHOWING how you feel. Thank you for sharing that insight.




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