The Holiday Self-Care Challenge Starts Today!

By Amy Maricle


HSCC Week 1

Welcome to the Holiday Self-Care Challenge Week One!

Each week I am going to offer a theme for you to focus on. You are never tied to the theme. Feel free to capture the season’s beauty and meaning in any way you want. However, if it’s helpful to have a framework, this week’s theme is:


Get creative. Be on the lookout for love all day. How can you capture it?

Two hands touching

A heart shaped ornament

A woman’s hand carrying a plate of cookies

Use elements in your environment in an unexpected way. Show us the love you see.


*Remember too to be respectful of others. Please get a person’s permission before taking their picture and posting it on the web. Thank you!

I can’t wait for these images to start rolling in!


Share on Instagram for a Chance to Win!

You can also comment below about your experience of finding images of love, though you need to share your pic on Instagram to win.

Here’s How It Works:

1.  Take a picture each day.

2. Share it on Instagram using: #holidayselfcare

3. Follow me on Instagram @amymaricle

4. Share the challenge poster on Instagram*


For more detailed information about the challenge, click here.

Share the challenge with your friends on social media and via email. Use #holidayselfcare

Official Holiday Self-Care Challenge Rules:


You must be 14 or older to enter. You can live anywhere in the world, and be any shape, size, gender, color, religion, etc.  The winner will be chosen at random from amongst all challenge entries. Each day you post a picture to Instagram during the month of December is a chance to win. This challenge is no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Instagram.  Please only post child-friendly content and obtain permission when including images of people. Inappropriate images and content will not be considered for entry.


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