Holiday Gift Guide for Artists

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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

For this year’s holiday gift guide for artists, I thought that rather than just offering a list of all my favorite art supplies, I’d offer a mix of cherished supplies and fun artsy items that will help inject more creativity into your world. With 11 gifts under $50, it’s a great list to share with anyone wondering what to get you this holiday season. Speaking of which, if any of my friends and family are looking or some gift ideas for me for Christmas, this would be a great place to start!


My Favorite Art Gifts Right Now

Artsy Pouches $9 – I use these babies to carry art supplies, mini masterpieces, small treasures I collect outdoors, and even my makeup. I’ve used these pouches for years. They are colorful, strong, and stand up to any abuse I’ve given them without looking worn or dirty.

High Flow Acrylic Paint Set $33 – I can’t say enough about how fascinating these paints are. Just wet your page, drop some paint on it, and watch the magic happen. It’s like fool-proof art. It helps me to slow down too. I love to sit and observe how the paints move.

Strathmore Mixed Media Board $13 – After working small for so long, I’ve been exploring working on some larger pieces in fluid paint for a while. These 8 x 10 boards make me feel like a kid rolling down the hill – I’m free! They still buckle a bit if I really load them up with giant puddles of paint and water, but I find they flatten out when they dry and I can press them flat between books once dry as well.

Posca Paint Pens $25 – These are a new discovery for me in the last few months and I’M IN LOVE. The extra fine point is tiny enough to do quite a bit of the dot work I do on my teeny paintings, but bold enough for the larger work too. The paint is permanent, opaque, and looks so good I could eat it.

Your Inner Critic is Being a Jerk $12 – Danielle Krysa is the artist and creator of the wildly popular blog, The Jealous Curator. Danielle will help you put a stop to the negative self-talk and start making stuff. Now.

Artsy Coffee Mug $30 – I’m lusting after this gorgeous hand thrown coffee mug, it would be beautiful on my art table. Isn’t it fun seeing your art and someone else’s mix together in your space? I love that.

Hangry Socks  $11 –  I need. These socks. Right now. And also, do they make a “rungry” version of these too? I’m ridiculous if I don’t eat after I run. I get so rungry I might eat these hangry socks.

Paper Source Notecards and Envelopes  $10 – I love the A6 size in the Peacock color right now. I glue a mini masterpiece, add a few dots with my Posca pen, and it’s a gorgeous, handmade card. People always feel extra special when I give them a handmade card with my art on it.

Viktoria Astrom Shop on Etsy $43 – This print, “Wolverine” is so beautiful, like all of Viktoria’s work. I love how she manages to blend whimsy and soul in her work. This would make a beautiful print for your art space, living room, or child’s room.

A Glorious Freedom $11 – I’m a big fan of artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon. This is another inspiring and beautifully illustrated book, with a  series of interviews with amazing women over 40 who have come into their own not in the height of their youth, but with age. We are like fine wine, ladies!

Mindful Art Studio Gift Cards, starting at $19 – If you have blossomed creatively because of a Mindful Art Studio class, why not offer the same to someone you love? I think giving an experience is a wonderful way to simplify and focus on what really matters at the holidays.

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Creatively Yours,




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