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Art journal spread by Fluid Art student Susie Davis


Here’s what students are saying about Fluid Art:

“Amy has created a truly magical art technique that enables all of us to achieve success……..

the process is really quite addictive!”

– Katie Flowers


I just want to thank you for showing me how to create again …and learn a new medium using the high flows… You showed me how I can create effortlessly and with few art supplies and I can do it anywhere. I’m in heaven and can’t thank you enough. You’ve helped me so much to find joy again in art.”

– Lori, Atlanta, GA


“With my art in the past, I’ve felt not worthy or disappointed in my results. I am having so much fun with the high flow paints. I’m not totally in control so it’s like part of my responsibility is released in a way thats’ really freeing. I’m fascinated with how the different paints repel or sink, float or pull, and then watching them creep, while figuring out what to do …. do I tip it? Or blow, or spray water? It’s just so much fun!!! Who knew?!”

– Lisa Moriarty