Freeing the Muse, an Online Class

Creative Self-Care with Art

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Creative Self Care

  • Do you wish you could create freely, without the tyranny of perfectionism, comparisons, and negative thinking?
  • Are you looking for a healthy, fun outlet for stress at the end of the day?
  • Would you like to turn off your busy mind and create just for the fun of it?

Creative self-care is one of the #1 stress busting tools in my life, and one of the best ways I know to loosen up and put the joy back in my art practice. I can teach you to use art in the same way.

Creative Self Care for you

I know you might not think of yourself as an artist, or even as “creative,” but I know you are creative.

As children, we all freely express ourselves through the arts. Chances are, even if you don’t remember it now, you danced, sang, told stories, and drew to understand the world, yourself, and your feelings.

Art is a natural coping tool because it engages all different parts of your brain and body. This is holistic catharsis. But perhaps as you grew up, you got the message that your art wasn’t “good enough” to continue creating, and you left this powerful tool for healing behind.

Freeing the Muse is an online art class that teaches courageous, expressive art making. I will lead you step by step through a fun, creative process that will help you relieve stress, have fun, and develop an outlet for self-expression. You don’t need any special art “talent” to use art for self-expression and to take care of your feelings, just a little courage to begin.

  • What if I told you that creative self-care is about creating without pressure to make “art?”
  • What if I said your job in creative self-care is to experiment and tune into a mindful experience of art making, and let go of creativity-killing perfectionism?
  • What would happen if you made art for the joy of it?

Learn to heal with art

In this class, we’ll use inventive, playful techniques using your fingers, string, and anything that’s available to trick your inner critic out of stopping creativity and empower the muse to fuel it.

With Freeing the Muse, you’ll get:

  • An hour of step-by-step video instruction full of fun, creative stress-busting art techniques
  • My “cheatsheets,” with concrete ideas on how to “play” in art and let go of perfectionism
  • Inspiration photos to get you started
  • Access to a private Facebook group full of other inspired and aspiring creatives
  • Lifetime access to our private Freeing the Muse class page

Join me and be prepared to bypass the inner critic and express and explore yourself.

Cost: $19


Praise for Freeing the Muse:

“In all my past [creative] classes, the suggestions offered for dealing with the inner critic involved shutting it out or be mean back to it. I never quite connected with the idea of meeting criticism with more criticism. I was very intrigued with the idea of listening to and giving space for the inner critic. Being gentle with that part of me felt so much better than being cruel or critical…I frequently refer back to the handouts and picture examples. And when get to a point where I feel like I’m fixated on the end-product, going back to ink and gesso play helps me free up my art process again.”
– Sharon Burkett


This has been totally freeing and I am very grateful to have had this mind dilation happen in such a joyful, play-filled, approachable and non-scary way. I even go to bed at night anticipating my next journal session.”
– Cydette Marshall


“You helped me to start art journaling again and got me thinking outside of the perfection realism box…got me to loosen up, enjoy the process…and do art to feel good…You have helped me so much and through you I have learned bout the large community of women artists out there doing great communal healing art.”
– Jodi Thomas


The very first thing I did yielded an amazing image of, to me, butterfly wings. It got me excited. It got me wondering. What about using colored inks? How can I incorporate the smaller things I made on index cards into my journal? I’ve been interested in art journaling for a while but didn’t really know how to start. Your website and this course helped a lot!
– Robin Sturis


Thank you, Amy, your ideas are so inspiring because you show us that you can use anything to play with and you let us think outside of the box.”
– Ria Maas




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DISCLAIMER: This online art class is not art therapy. For more information on art therapy and finding a trained, board certified art therapist in your area, visit the American Art Therapy Association.