Free art journaling class

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Art journaling has always been my playful path to self-discovery and healing.

An art journal is a place where anything goes: paint, collage, writing, or scribbling. I focus on the process, the way it makes me feel, and soon I notice my breathing slows down, and I feel calmer.

When the pressure is off to be perfect or make good art, I make more art and better art. I’ve helped hundreds of students along the same journey, and I’d love to help you too.

Sound great? Let’s get you started now!

When you join the Mindful Art Studio community, you’ll  get a weekly email about art journaling ideas, challenges, and free workshops. I’ll also let you know about art journaling classes I’m offering.

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This is a 6 day, self-directed, free art journaling class delivered to your email. Each day you’ll read or watch a brief video about art journaling, and complete some short exercises to help you start making a little art each day. You’ll also learn to create space for art in your home and your life.

Day #1: The Creative Self-Care Assessment and Art Journaling Supplies

Day #2: Why Creative Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Day #3: 8 Art Journaling and Art Projects to Infuse Your Life with Creativity

Day #4: How to Make an Art Studio at Home

Day #5: Intuitive Art Journaling

Day #6: How I Use My Art Journal for Healing

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Be sure to check your spam folder for the confirmation email and confirm your subscription. Once you are confirmed, you will get a special Creative Self-Care package via email. Let’s get creative!

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