Fluid Art



$149 USD

Watch the paint and your creativity flow!

It’s fun! Watching the paints flow and marble is mesmerising!

It’s creative!  You can collage with your mini masterpieces in inventive ways to create unique art journal pages, paintings, and hand made cards.

It’s portable! Working small will help you make art in short bursts of time, which means you’ll make more art.

Using high flow paints, in short art exercises, Fluid Art will open up a fun, accessible way to weave art into your life.

Check out a student gallery here…

Amy has created a truly magical art technique that enables all of us to achieve success……..the process is really quite addictive!” – Katie Flowers

Fluid art, high flow acrylic paint, inchies, handmade journals

You’ll learn to:

  • ​Create tons of your own “mini masterpieces” in minutes
  • Draw and doodle patterns to create gorgeous, organic art 
  • Cut, collage, and layer your miniature art works in playful ways 
  • Make your own accordion fold books and tunnel journals to showcase your gorgeous work
  • Get addicted to flowing paint, working small, and making time for art again 

Fluid Art class, art journaling class, tunnel journal

Fluid Art, Art journal class, liquid acrylic class

This class includes:

  • 12 lessons and over 7 hours of video
  • Full class PDF with written instructions and pattern and drawing skill cheat sheets
  • Access to Amy and a private Facebook group for questions and sharing
  • Tons of project ideas and an inspiration gallery
  • Lifetime access to the class content to allow you to work at your own pace
  • Take a sneak peek at the class page now!

For a complete list of supplies with links, click here: Supplies – Updated

Fluid art, fluid art class, fluid acrylic paint, fluid acrylic paint techniques

Learn to use the natural properties of high flow acrylic paint to create these gorgeous images.

What Students Are Saying about Fluid Art:

fluid art techniques

Art by Fluid Art student, Katie Flowers

“You have opened up a whole new path of expression and joy! I love the small art. I can find success in completing a piece at a time and yet have a larger project in mind if I choose. I am usually more controlled in my art and this has been really freeing for me!” – Judy Bennett

“I want so much for others to realize how much fun Fluid Art is. Every night this week I have been making mini masterpieces. It has truly opened up a fun and relaxing way of making art without the inner critic. Amy, your amazing skills have started us all on this exciting journey with Fluid Art. I can’t thank you enough.” – Chris Anthony

“I really enjoy working with the fluid acrylics and making mini masterpieces since I took your Fluid Art course.  It’s fun and incredibly freeing to have a piece of paper that’s only a couple of inches to work with…. I am still amazed at the images that are created all by themselves! ”  – Dotty Prince

I just want to thank you for showing me how to create again, open up, use my masterpieces and learn a new medium using the high flows… You showed me how I can create again effortlessly and with few art supplies and I can do it anywhere since I lead a pretty mobile lifestyle. I’m in heaven and can’t thank you enough.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve only known about you for about a week now but you’ve helped me so much to mend my heart and soul and find joy again in art.”

– Lori, Atlanta, GA

Fluid Art techniques, Fluid Art how to

Art by Fluid Art Student, Susie Davis

Amy has created a truly magical art technique that enables all of us to achieve success!  Because the artworks that we make are so small, it means the whole process is wonderfully portable… I can keep doodling whenever a short span of time is available. The potential of using fluid acrylics in this way is great fun and the permutations are endless……..the process is really quite addictive!” – Katie Flowers

I wanted to tell you that what you are doing with this online workshop is fabulous. All the videos thus far have been wonderfully helpful, your examples are beautiful, and I’m feeling so inspired – my drawing table is full of ‘mini-masterpieces’ and I’m looking forward to being able to take them along with me wherever I go. Thank you in advance for sharing these techniques and reminding me that art is accessible…for anyone.”
– Melinda Downey Schultz

“With my art in the past, I’ve felt not worthy or disappointed in my results. I am having so much fun with the high flow paints. I’m not totally in control so it’s like part of my responsibility is released in a way thats’ really freeing. I’m fascinated with how the different paints repel or sink, float or pull, and then watching them creep, while figuring out what to do …. do I tip it? Or blow, or spray water? It’s just so much fun!!! Who knew?!”- Lisa Moriarty

Thank you for sharing such an enjoyable process Amy – this is one that speaks to me on every level, and as a watercolorist, I had pretty much given up on the idea that acrylics could be fun!” – Cindy Mead

“When Amy released the class I devoured it all in one sitting and then kept making. This is the result… I now have a strong art practice that has taken over my house and that I find it very hard to tear myself away from!” Mel McFadden

See more student work here

This class is NOT art therapy. For more information on art therapy, click here.