Finding Meaning in My Art

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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

These are the tools of my self-healing: A board. A painty towel. Varied colors of paint. Water. This is how I am finding meaning in my art:

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I wet the surface with a wide brush and let my emotions flow with the water. I’m not pushing or trying. I might be thinking about what’s on my mind, or I might be completely present in the moment, getting absorbed like the water, letting the colors seep into me, and becoming one with my piece.

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There’s no pushing or pressing, just permission to be in this moment with my paints and myself. I’m open to discover whatever wants to appear on the page before me. We make a contract, me and the art piece – I can sometimes intervene, nudging the image this direction or that, but I won’t force, or push too hard. I’ll respect the image for what it is, and trust the process will bring me easier breath and a more open heart if I give myself over to it.
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I could begin critiquing and criticizing my images for perfectionism’s sake, but I’d be disrespecting the tender art pieces who have decided to show up for me. And I know too that I’ll have an opportunity to dress them up, further reveal their secrets and their beauty, when I take my gel and paint pens to the page.

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That’s why art is a sacred practice for me. I feel as if I’m swallowed up in a different world, a different time – where the mountains are tall, the rivers run deep, and I am engaged in an ancient practice of discovery and renewal. I can feel the Great Mother wrapping her arms around me. Dwelling in my imagination – or the Unknown, is a balm to my soul. I feel a part of something bigger, and therefore, I am more whole. The tightness in my chest eases, my lungs open, and I’m just where I need to be.

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Within each of us is a wellspring of healing energy, if only we are willing to let it touch us.

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This art practice is like building an inner sanctuary. The skills are the same as taking care of myself in life:

Stand back. Observe, take in the whole scene. Formulate a plan. Execute the plan, but with flexibility, so I don’t miss good opportunities along the way. When I get stuck, I focus on something small that I know well what to do with. Then return to observing: trying to learn from the water, flowing around the hard objects that stand in the way.

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Through Mindful Art Studio, I have the opportunity to share the gifts I’ve been given for finding meaning in my art. Part of what gives me the most joy in this work is seeing you dive deeper into your own practice. I’ll be doing a free, live workshop this Friday, December 15th at 6pm EST on Mindful Art Studio’s FB page: Fluid Painting – Get in the Flow.

You can RSVP here whether you can make it at that time or not, as I’ll have a 48-hour replay available for you. Click here to download my PDF fluid painting tips and supply list. And, if you can’t wait for Friday to let loose with your fluid paints, you can upgrade to The Fluid Painting Workbook with lots of great tips and fun ideas for fluid painting for just $9.

I’m looking forward to diving deep with you Friday.

Creatively Yours,







  1. Sara

    I’ve not picked up a paint brush in a little while (just ‘life’ getting in the way), and I sincerely miss the play of movement, colour and shape. The escape it brings. I don’t exactly know why I’m letting stuff get in the way of even a 10 minute creative moment but I need to get back to it as my day is lesser for it. Thank you for this lovely post, it honestly is what I need to do today. Simple, expressive and totally for myself. X

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Sara:

      I SO know what you mean about life getting in the way. I also know though that we have to sometimes purposefully interrupt that process and I’m so happy that I could help you put your finger on this issue. I can’t wait to see your lovely works.

      Creatively Yours,

      • Amy Taylor

        From one Amy to another, I’ve always felt my creative side links me with my emotions and spiritual being way deep inside.
        So nice to see you’re putting that notion out therefor others.
        It becomes a full release and a thing of beauty.
        Peace to you!

        • Amy Maricle

          HI Amy! I’m so happy that this speaks to you too. Happy creating! xo

  2. Anja Meurer

    Hi Amy,

    i so enjoyed reading this post from you. Art as a sacred practice. I love this.
    It’s one year now that i started my creative self care journey with your support and i just wanted to send a big Thank You :-). All the best for you and your creative enterprises in 2018!

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Anja!

      I am SO excited to see this comment. Your art is such a beautiful expression of you. It’s so heart warming to know I could help you find this beautiful practice you’ve developed.
      Happy New Year! XO Amy

  3. Monica Mog

    Beautiful words! I enjoyed reading your post so much as I can relate to every word you wrote. Fluid art is a process which involves every part of the being.. soul, heart and mind. It is a liberating experience that touches the artist in every possible way.

    Keep the good work up,


    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Monica:

      Thank you so much for being here and taking the time to read and comment. I loved taking a peek at your beautiful paintings. I can see how much joy goes into them and flows from them.
      XO Amy

  4. Wendy

    Really lovely, healing colors and shapes. Thank you

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Wendy, you are so sweet. I’m thrilled that the creative in you sees the creative in me! XO Amy

  5. Petrin Diaz

    Hello! Is this art tutorial available to this date August 2, 2019? Thanks! Petrin Diaz

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Petrin!

      No the replay has expired, but if you’re on my list you’ll be sure to know about the next webinar!



  6. Fran Creelman

    I have never felt grounded in my art until I read your words. I’m inspired and relinquish any idea of acceptance from others about what or how I paint. In the past I took the critiques of my work as me being incompetent but the truth is I was expressing myself. I don’t need outside approval, just the joy I get in painting. Thank you Amy.

    • Amy Maricle

      This is so wonderful to read, Fran. Happy creating!


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