Finding a Sense of Wonder in Your Art

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I’ve been hosting Slow Drawing Parties since the beginning of the pandemic, and so many folks have told me how important the practice is to their lives. But when folks first start, especially if they are new to art, it can be hard to understand why we are slowly drawing tiny patterns and what to do with them. For me, it’s about finding a sense of wonder.

Drawing slowly, my breathing gets deeper, my mind slows down, and I’m drawn into the marks on the page, the sound of the pen, the feeling of my legs against the chair. It’s grounding, calming, and joyful.

And then something miraculous happens…

I start to notice little ideas bubbling up in my imagination – “Oh, that part reminds me of a turtle shell, that feels like a cozy cave with a fire,” and when I listen to these creative percolations, it influences the direction of my work.

art journal collage ideas

Slowing down grounds us so we can travel to new heights in our creative life. I let go of trying to control the art, and watch where the lines and the ideas flow when I follow my impulses. I am a creative adventurer, hanging on for the ride.

And once I have a collection of small drawings, I have tons and tons of pieces that are just begging to be used in playful collages. I have permission to enjoy, to savor, to be present to what brings me delight without judgment. I can make a Little Book of Wonder.

From my new class: Little Book of Wonder

For me, part of what is most amazing about art is its ability to take us places without us ever physically going anywhere. Just like when we were kids, we are transported by our imagination to someplace full of magic and surprise. There’s no reason to let go as an adult. Let’s have a creative adventure together.

I hope you enjoyed that quiet little tour through my book and that it inspired some ideas for your creative, adventurous art practice.

Creatively Yours,



  1. Ruth Dailey

    love your little book – I must take up this inspiration and get my little doodles and drawings into such a little book, as i love making books

    • Amy Maricle

      HI Ruth – You’ve totally got this. I’m so glad the process speaks to you!

  2. Rebecca Ledzion

    So lovely to see your beautiful work in this little book. Very inspring.
    Thank you for all the work you do and share with us.

    • Amy Maricle

      Rebecca: that’s so sweet of you. I’m so happy you are enjoying! xo

  3. Sheryl Ann

    Dear Amy,
    Long ago and very far away, I was stuptified by math, as an example. The necessity of drawing (on the margins of my papers) soothed my soul.
    I forgot how that started. Busy-ness has prevailed.
    I am very full of wonder at having stumbled into your insightful work and having the benefit of your graciousness.
    Sincerely Grateful

    • Amy Maricle

      Sheryl Ann: Busy-ness has a way of grabbing hold of us in this culture. I’m so happy that you and art and good friends again.



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