Fearless First Layers

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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

The replay for this workshop has expired, but you can still learn about my painting process:

What Now? How Do You Create a Finished Painting?

I also want to talk to you about taking your work from these first layers to a finished painting. Here’s an outline of my process:

+ I gather ideas in my sketchbook.

+ I break paintings into phases.

+ I begin, like we did in the workshop, by working openly, freely – acting like an adventurer, exploring the space on the canvas.

+ I have trusty techniques I use every time I paint. This helps me through the “messy middle” stage when it looks not so bueno. Or even rather malo.

+ I work on several pieces at once. (You knew I would say this.) It helps me let go of the product and focus on the process. I can also let paintings rest until they tell me clearly what they need and where they are going.

+ I use paint and pattern to pull my composition together, or create a clear focus as my painting nears completion.

The Untamed Paint Artist Retreat will guide you through this process step-by-step in the most playful, relaxing way. It’s a 5-hour art oasis. A small group of artists meets live on Zoom, and creates a space where each encourages each other – finding the tranquility of sinking into the rhythm of guided painting practice.

The homework I assign you will help you to mine for and collect ideas, and figure out what themes you want to explore on canvas. This helps you hit the ground running when you arrive on retreat day with your own unique ideas. The work we did on canvas today also adds to that preparation.

Once you arrive, we begin with introductions, ways to be supportive to each other in the art process, and a visualization. From there, I create what I call a flexible structure. I teach techniques at regular intervals, and allow you to play with them. Students are always shocked the first time they participate how quickly the day goes by. I always make room for your pacing and inspiration, though. All of the techniques taught in the class are also in your PDF, so if you find yourself in the flow, I invite you to continue, and rejoin the class when you’re ready.

Students describe my teaching style as gentle and accepting. I think this works for a lot of folks because so many of us feel so much pressure about our art. My background in art therapy has taught me a lot about how to invite folks into an art process that is open, fun, freeing, and maximizes their learning.

These retreats are very special experiences. We have the opportunity to gather together, just like in a real, live retreat, but we do it online. I’ve been leading online retreats for some time, and there are many things I do to invite a sense of community and trust.

One of them is that the retreats, like a live retreat, are live and not recorded. This means that students show up fully present – with the work, themselves, and each other. This creates a very special energy that has a huge impact on the work. The experience is very uplifting and supportive for all.

Registration for Untamed Paint closes Friday. I would love for you to join me. I’m still offering 25% off during quarantine with code GATHER25

SPECIAL BONUS: I’ll include the Fearless First Layers class recording for you.

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I’m so excited we can create together!

Creatively Yours,