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Starting your art journal means starting a practice of creative self-care. We all get stressed out, sad, frustrated, and confused. Understanding your feelings and your needs doesn’t have to be a drag. You can “art it out.” Journals are not just for writing anymore!





Using color, symbols, images, and shapes, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to explore, express, and de-stress. Creative self-care is accessible to anyone who is willing to let go, get a bit messy, and play. 


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Intuitive Art Techniques for Creative Expression in Your Journal

With easy to follow tutorials and color photos, I share the tools that will help you create the “vocabulary” with which you’ll express your unique, creative voice. The Starting Your Art Journal e-book will help you learn to paint, draw, and scribble to express and transform what’s on your mind and in your heart.





I have done a lot of journals in the past … and I have enjoyed making these but yours helps me deal with lots of emotions.  I love that you don’t have to have an idea or plan when you start the page, because sometimes the blank page is intimidating, you put down a background and something comes to mind. I would highly recommend your art journaling process and look forward to seeing more tutorials. Thank you for helping me to cope. 
– Karen O’Connor

  • Master 8 beautiful watercolor and dye-based background techniques that are easy enough for kids, but beautiful enough to be the foundation upon which you draw, paint and write about your life.


  • Make simple, but expressive drawings that illustrate your feelings. 


  • Create safe, “hidden” spaces for your personal writings.


  • Get inspired with 20 additional art prompts, and 25 creative writing prompts.


  • Join a warm, supportive online community with whom you can share your work and questions.

And I’ve included a supply list to make the whole experience of starting your art journal easy for you.


Here’s a Peek Inside Starting Your Art Journal:

Buy Starting Your Art Journal and Learn how to keep a fun, freeing and expressive art journal.

Buy Starting Your Art Journal Now to Cope, Hope, and Relax through Art Journaling!

Get "Starting Your Art Journal" to explore, express, and de-stress with simple, fun art techniques.


Art journaling brings me joy and helps me find meaning. Art journaling is my safe place, an unbiased listener, and my artistic playground. Sharing with you about tools you need for starting your art journal makes it even more meaningful!

Please join our community of creative people who use these fun, expressive techniques to process their feelings and find peacefulness in art making. I can’t wait to connect with you and see your playful explorations!

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What Readers Are Saying:

“I felt after watching your [free tutorials] that your ebook would be easy to follow and packed full of fun ideas, and I was right. I now never leave the house without my watercolors, a pen, and a sketchbook.” – Stephanie Brown


“I would recommend [Starting Your Art Journal] to others. I find your way of teaching soothing and achievable… [my art] is becoming alive again and I’m listening to myself, wanting to be playful again.” – Anne McLeod

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