Draw Yourself Calm

After offering free slow drawing workshops over the last two years, I’m so excited to say I’ve created a book of 25 of the patterns to share with you.

My book is called Draw Yourself Calm, and it is available now! (See country specific links below.)

Here’s a sneak peek:

You can also flip through the book on Search Press more slowly here.

With the constant onslaught of information and stimulation, we need ways to slow down. Drawing simple, repetitive shapes slows our thoughts and our breathing, and makes us fully present in the moment. Slow drawing is not about perfectionism, or making museum worthy art – it’s an active and creative meditation: just you, a pen, the rhythm of your hand moving across the page, and the lines that appear.

Each pattern is derived from a pattern in nature. I created them to be simple enough that anyone could draw, but interesting enough that you would want to explore lots of possibilities and variations. I’m not looking for you to draw the pattern like me, I want this to be a springboard for you, your art, and your creative process.

And we work small on purpose. Tiny pieces are highly portable, and invite us to try the pattern many different ways. That’s an important part of slowing down, and also finding your own voice and curiosities as an artist.

This book offers a space to nurture yourself creatively and spiritually, by giving you the tools and inspiration to develop a slow drawing practice.

  • All you need is a pen and paper, so getting started is easy.
  • Featuring 25 beautiful, nature-inspired patterns on small pieces of paper, slow drawing is inviting and accessible.
  • I offer a playful, no right-or-wrong approach that empowers readers to slow down in a way that is creative but not pressure-filled.

You can order the book from most booksellers, here’s a few:

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Search for Draw Yourself Calm at your local bookseller or Amazon.

I can’t wait for you to hold the book in your hands too!