Diving Deep: Intuitive Art Journaling Live Class


Intuitive art journaling, art journaling class


Diving Deep: Intuitive Art Journaling starts September 24th.

Fall Registration is now closed.

Diving Deep is a unique online live-format class. You will:

  • Create deep, smoky backgrounds.
  • Draw gorgeous, emotional line drawings that elicit your powerful, emotional images and words.
  • Learn to dance between intuitive impulse and artistic skill.
  • Layer smoky paint, writing, images, and patterns for intuitive, expressive pages.
  • Receive personalized guidance and support from Amy.


” The techniques were amazing, but this course was about so much more than that. I learnt a lot about myself. Possibly the best part of this class is the safe, encouraging community you have made to hold all the learning, creativity, and magic.”

– Karen Judson

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Diving Deep is a 6-Week Live Online Class: 

Mondays: Live class at 12 noon EST in our Facebook group for 1 hour to 1 hour 45 minutes, depending on the lesson. (You can access the replay at any time.)

Thursdays: A second live video or challenge to support your learning and exploration.

Fridays: A reminder post about your homework to keep you excited for weekend creating!

Ongoing: Sharing in the Facebook group, and feedback from me and others in a supportive, positive space, and access to the full course content in the class PDF.

One 20- Minute Private Mentoring Consult with Amy at the end of your experience to help you get final feedback and solidify your intuitive art practice at home.


intuitive art, intuitive paint, intuitive art class


What Diving Deep Includes:

  • Over 7 hours of live instruction, and 2 hours pre-recorded or live supporting video content
  • Personalized guidance on your work and intuitive process in the Diving Deep Facebook group, and one consult
  • 60 + page class PDF with printable cheat sheets, a painting game, intuitive page starters, and color photos
  • An incredible experience in a supportive, mindfully oriented group of artists
  • Lifetime access to class content
Cost: $399






Intuitive art class, intuitive painting, intuitive art



Student Testimonials: 


intuitive art journaling

Deborah Wakefield


This class is The Best. It attracts lovely people that you suddenly feel as if you already know them. You never want it to end. You find support, like minded artists, inspiration… You have all the notes and taped classes forever. I think of myself now as an artist in my own artistic world.. I observe more intimately, journal… and block out creative time.”

-Deborah Milne, Maine



I LOVED this class with Amy. Whatever level you are at, this class will help you develop new skills and expand on your abilities. I especially loved the camaraderie, as the students got to know each other and share our adventures over a few weeks. I have made forever friends through this course and let me tell you – Amy is FUN to work with.”

– Eileen Hyland, Ireland


Diving Deep Student Work

Shelley Gregg

Hands down, this was one of the best classes I have ever taken. Because of Diving Deep: I now feel that I AM an artist; I look FORWARD to drawing or painting every day. Watching Amy in ‘real-time,’ being privy to her thought processes at every step along the way … is amazing. Having access to Amy LIVE, the replays, plus the invaluable PDF, is a gift!”

– Shelley Gregg, Illinois, USA


Diving Deep class, Intuitive Art Journaling

Traycee Alane



I am creating with a truly heightened sense of excitement and possibility about my art journaling. I’m feeling revived and rejuvenated.”  – Eileen Gavin Larsen, NH USA


Lisa Moriarty


Lisa had these kind words about Amy’s teaching style:

Amy gives a lot of herself and her willingness to be vulnerable creates a safe space for exploring, trying, learning and taking chances. Amy is fun and I look forward to each class and interaction. I’m grateful that I have the opportunity to connect with and learn from her. She’s a wonderful teacher and an inspiration Amy shares and teaches not only the technical skills but also offers numerous strategies that has shown me how accessible my art practice is.”




Do I need to be on Facebook in order to join this class? 

Yes. The live sessions happen on Facebook, and you can find the replays there as well. You need basic computer and Facebook skills as well.

Can I still take the class and access the videos if I can’t attend the live sessions? 

YES! A number of students will be on a  different schedule or time zone and will watch the replays on their own time, but be able to participate in the group and take full advantage of the class.

Do I need prior art experience? 

While this class teaches some more advanced skills, I give you all the tools you need to learn them from start to finish so that experienced and new artists can learn to dive deep into their intuitive art journaling practice.

How much do the supplies cost? 

If you had absolutely none of the supplies on the list, the cost for the paints, brushes, pens, and at least one journal would be about $80 – $100.

How much is the class? 

This unique 6-week experience in a tight-knit online community is $399.







Cancellation Policy: 

You can cancel your purchase up until Monday, September 17th, after that time, no refunds will be granted, regardless of circumstances. Registration is non-transferrable.



*Please note that this class is not art therapy and is intended for educational purposes only. It builds on the inherently healing qualities of art and its power in our lives. If you would like more information about art therapy or where to locate an art therapist in your area, you can visit the Amercian Art Therapy website.