Into the Depths: Studio Time, August 2017

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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I’ve been thinking a lot about what inspires and empowers me to create lately, so that I can best inspire and empower YOU to create.

A lot of what inspires me is seeing other artists’ work, gathering ideas and inspiration, putting it all together in a pot with some nature-inspired ideas, and spitting out something of my own. This process of collecting ideas and sparks of inspiration is a creative act in and of itself. Isn’t that satisfying? Art begins way before you even sit down to create. In this way, if you pay attention with your artist’s eye, you will always be creating – as long as you actually create something in the end, that is.

Making handmade art journals has been an incredibly rich, deep, and satisfying experience artistically. I love seeing how the holes and tunnels create depth and surprise. The viewer gets multiple versions of the same painting, just with different layers, almost like the different sides of each of us.


Video Notes:

  • Here’s the mixed media paper, paints, and gel pens I use to make the journals.
  • I love using the gorgeous papers from the Paper Source for the covers. One sheet lasts forever!
  • Learn how to make these journals and the little paintings that go in them: Fluid Art
  • Check out my other video flip throughs here, here, and here.
  • If you need help getting past your inner critic before you begin, start here.

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I’d love to hear about your process of gathering inspiration and seeing like an artist.

Creatively Yours,




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  1. Cherie Wolfe

    Amy – I received an email notification about your Facebook Live event but did not receive it until the morning of the event. I’m wondering if you could give more notice? I often don’t check my email until late morning/early afternoon and missed that event because I didn’t see the email in time. Thank you!

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      HI Cherie:

      Oh darn, so sorry you missed it! I had sent the first notice on the 26th in an email called, Does Perfectionism Get in the Way of Your Art? It’s possible it was in your spam, or you just missed it or had just gotten on my list. Either way, if you also follow me on FB, that will be another spot you will hear about it as well.

      I also have a lot of free resources and videos on Youtube. You can find me there. You might like this video on working small:

      All the best,


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