Creative Magic Tea Party BIG ART Lesson

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I am so excited that we get this chance to slow down and make creative magic together! This is a bonus lesson from my class, BIG ART. I think you’re going to love making this beautiful pattern and playing with all the variations for the BIG ART pieces you can make with it. I love this approach because it’s so playful and not intimidating at all. Everyone can find a few minutes to make a small piece of art, and by making the same pattern several different ways, you build your skills AND dig into your best, most original ideas. I want to keep you creating, so at the end of the page, I’ll share a special coupon I made for you for BIG ART!)


+ Drawing pen, such as a Micron
+ 8 – 10 pieces of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 2 x 2 inches

Watch your class:

Wasn’t that fun? If you loved this approach of working small, getting playful, and letting things evolve naturally, you’ll love BIG ART. I’m offering a special $15 coupon for creative magic students. Just use code CREATIVEMAGIC15 by 9/26/20.

With BIG ART, you’ll get:

  • 11 BIG ART projects
  • 4 fabulous paint techniques
  • 11 drawing techniques
  • Tips on photographing your gorgeous work
  • Creative jumpstart exercises and ways to make the projects in your own “voice”
  • Private Facebook community
  • A self-paced class with nearly 4 hours of video instruction

I’d love to see your BIG ART pieces – your BIG Sky, Color bursts, Botanicals, Color Scapes, and more.

You can get immediate access here:

Thank you so much for creating with me today! You can share your work with #mindfulartstudio so we can all celebrate it together.

Creatively Yours,