Creative Mentoring

*Amy does not currently have any openings for mentoring. Please check back.

Are you dreaming of a creative project, but just can’t seem to bring it to fruition?

Do you spend time collecting materials, watching tutorials, but rarely make anything?

Working with Amy is such a joy! Before our mentoring session she provided homework that helped me dive deep into how I wanted to shape my art practice and how I needed to think about my next steps. The homework was so insightful I plan on revisiting it when I do my yearly planning sessions for my art business. During our conversation, Amy had so many insightful things to say I took five pages of notes! In the weeks since our session, I’ve been referring back to those notes as I continue to think about and implement my next steps. I have felt incredibly nurtured and understood during the whole process.”

– Misty Granade, Artist
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I’m Amy Maricle, an artist, art therapist, and creative mentor*.

I use my skills to help womxn all over the world hear their artistic voice and desires more clearly and create a plan that is attuned to their lifestyle and needs.

Whether they are just beginning to dream about a creative life, or are seasoned artists, many of my coaching clients struggle with giving themselves permission – permission to experience the joy of creating, permission to make mistakes, and permission to invest time in the creative process. Does this sound familiar?

The Creative Mentoring Process

I’d love to give you an idea of what to expect in your creative mentoring relationship with me.

After we talk over email and both decide that we will be a great team to help you reach your creative goals, I’ll send you an in-depth questionnaire that will give me a fuller picture of you, your goals, how you learn, and how to help you move forward in your art life. This is the start of the work. It’s where you begin to think differently about your art and art  process, and to start the ball rolling before we even meet. I go through that in detail, and then determine whether in your case it makes sense to give some additional preparation homework, or to meet right away. 

Then, we meet over Zoom, and I listen deeply, ask questions about your art dreams, what gets in the way, and your strengths, and you guide me with what you share about the pacing and direction of the work. You’ll bring your ideas, your homework, and your expertise about yourself, and I’ll bring an ability to deeply listen, my knowledge of artistic blocks, strategies for helping you generate new ideas, and ideas to help you create space for the art practice you truly desire.

If you do a 5 session package, before each session, you’ll fill out a prep form, (different from the initial questionnaire) that will help guide and focus our work in session.  Sessions last one hour, and you’ll have homework, as well as access to an email check in between sessions. My focus is helping you develop concrete, attainable goals for your art practice that you can reach in 1 – 10 sessions. Meetings may take place every other week, weekly, or monthly, depending on what we determine together is best. Clients who are looking for an art support over a number of years may want to seek out a different service than I offer.

Homework includes things like:

+ Art assignments tailored to your personality to gently nudge you forward

+ Writing assignments to help you calm the “inner critic”

+ Creative foundation support: setting up art goals or an art time calendar, connecting yourself with other artists, improving your art space, setting up “art habits”

+ Inspirational or instructional reading assignments 

Slow drawing classes

I will work with you to develop a personalized set of techniques to help you develop a happy, thriving art practice.

Through our work, you will:

  • Use your imagination to come up with creative ways to overcome your blocks.
  • Break creative projects into baby steps that you can achieve with joy
  • Learn to use mindfulness techniques to make art and center yourself at the same time.
  • Make art that is playful, joyful, and meaningful.

Amy’s mentoring was a game changer for me in my art practice. A great mentor is someone who knows when to speak and encourage and when to remain silent and let you find your voice. Amy wisely discerns that balance.

During our series of sessions I learned:

-Deeper awareness and self-acceptance regarding my personal artistic process.

-Compassionate and challenging accountability.

-Greater discernment of what I truly enjoy artistically and what to let go.-Greater joy and freedom on my journey as an artist.”

– Tacy Marsh

-My biggest takeaway is probably the encouragement to give myself room to make mistakes… [what helped was] Amy’s very accepting, nonjudgmental presence, sense of humor, and creation of a “safe space” (ultimately inside myself) to create.”

– Judy Rosenbaum

I’d like to help you open the door to your most alive art practice.

Your Investment:

– Individual 1-hour session: $179

– Bundle of Creative Mojo: Five 1-hour sessions for $800 (Save $95)

If you know you are ready to start right now, here’s all the information. Just email me at: I look forward to joining you on your creative journey!


Is creative mentoring for experienced artists? Can beginners do creative mentoring?

I work with artists from across the spectrum, ranging from brand new artists who struggle to get started, to seasoned artists who have hit a creative wall or want to take their work in a more intuitive, meaningful direction.

Is this art therapy?

No, art therapy is a mental health service. In creative mentoring, we are focused on your art and art process. My training as an art therapist gives me unique insight into people’s psychology. I have a clear understanding of the way we sometimes put up roadblocks against the very things we want and need most. This gives us a leg up in helping you to clear these obstacles. But, we won’t address issues such as depression, and anxiety. Also, art can be a powerful healing force, and I can help you set up your mindful art practice, which may feel meaningful and grounding. This may have positive health benefits, too. But as your mentor, my focus is on your art process, not your mental health. If mental health issues arise, I will suggest that you seek support from an art therapist or therapist in your area who can help.

Are you going to analyze my art?

No. I like to think about us having an “art ego.” I want to build up your art ego, not break it down. When we are little, we make art without worry about what others think of our scribbles, markings, and colors. As we get older, we take in negative, limited messages about what “art” is, that can shut down our creative impulses. I see my job as helping you to create the conditions necessary in your life so that you can be as creative as you want, as in many ways as you want, as often as you want. Together we will create systems and practices that do that for you.

What should I expect in my first creative mentoring session?

I have a highly collaborative approach that seeks to provide you with structure and ideas, but in a relaxed, flexible way that empowers you to partner in coming up with solutions. I’ll help you figure out what’s getting in the way of creating the art you want, we’ll talk together about one or two possible solutions, tailor it to you, and you’ll try it out for homework. You’ll be in control of the pace and volume of homework depending on your personality and lifestyle.

Does creative mentoring require a big time commitment?

No. Creative mentoring is all about helping you to fold art time into your existing schedule and/or helping you make the changes necessary to make more time for “big art.” I typically meet with clients for a 1 hour session every other week. I work with clients to reach their goals in 5 – 10 sessions.

Do you work with anyone besides artists? Do you work with writers, dancers, or actors?

Yes. The creative process is universal. The tools and techniques I use to help people make more of the art they want go beyond the type of art you practice.

Do you work with who don’t come from the same background as you?

I welcome people of ALL races, backgrounds, religions, and sexual and gender orientations. Given our current context, I want to especially warmly welcome my Black, Brown, and Native friends (BIPOC) as well as Muslim, Jewish and LBTBQ+ friends. I am actively working on my own bias and welcome folks to this community who are doing the same.

However, one thing that’s important to tune into is your own comfort. You may prefer working with someone who looks like you or has the same gender identity or religion, and that is important to pay attention to. Feel free to reach out to me if you are looking for resources in this area.

*This is not art therapy. You can learn more about art therapy here.