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In Art Journaling 101, I’ll take you through all the creative exercises you’ll need to create a stress-free, intutive art journaling practice. As an art therapist, I’ll lead you through  exercises that will free you from your inner critic so you can create and play in a no-judgment zone.

What we are doing is NOT art therapy, but I will help you fearlessly conquer the blank page, gain insight into the deeper meaning of your art, and uncover YOUR unique style of intuitive art journaling.

Art Journaling 101 offers new art journalists a system for using your art journal as a tool for healing, not just a space for decoration.

Art Journals:

There are three major things I like to consider when picking a journal – page strength and texture, whether or not the journal opens flat, and whether it is spiral bound or hard bound. Given that we are going to work with watercolor and acrylic paint, you’ll want a surface that will handle both of these paints well. Here’s a couple of my favorite choices given these techniques:


Paints, Ink, and Paint Materials:

Crayons and Pastels:


  • Micron pen
  • Pitt pen, or other archival ink pen.
  • Sharpie, just know that it runs in water and bleeds through to the other side of the page.

Materials From Home:

  • Cup of water
  • Old credit card or club card
  • Paper plate, wax paper, or  artist palette for mixing paint
  • Small towel – paper or cloth
  • Favorite quote
  • String or yarn
  • Paper
  • Wax or parchment paper to protect pages before they are dry or if they have paint on two facing pages they may stick together, so please protect them.