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This week I wanted to talk to you a bit more personally, through video. I am sharing my 3 top tips for finding the right therapist. What do you look for in a  therapist? What are the most important qualities or must haves? Tell me about it in the comments! Thanks for watching.



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Ofer Zur is a therapist and educator who is an excellent source of information for both clients and therapists on all things therapy. This is his list of “must haves” in a therapist.


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  1. Lynette Ingram Cassel, ATR, LMHC

    Great tips Amy! I fully agree and would add that therapists expect this process of choosing and are not at all offended if they are not the right match for a particular client. Therapy is much more effective if both client and therapist are communicating about this clearly!

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Lynette!

      Thanks for dropping in on the blog. I’m glad that you commented about how important clear communication is. I talk to so many people who think that they are going to insult a therapist by asking too many questions. Isn’t it better to have this conversation in an upfront way rather than getting 3 or 4 sessions in, feeling that it’s not the right fit, and then just dropping off? That’s not good for anyone. I wonder how much information you volunteer to clients when they don’t ask?


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