Building Layers of Wonder

Layering is of the main ingredients of my secret sauce as an artist. Watch this short flip through and then scroll down for my 3 tips.

Tip #1: Use Every Element of Art You Create

  • I’ve used slow drawings, paper cut and some tracing paper layers
  • Think about incorporating your slow drawings, painting, collage, fiber art, writing, and sewing in your journals.

Tip #2: Don’t Be Afraid to Repeat Yourself

  • Repetition is an important and powerful element of design. It helps build a structure that feels familiar to the eye. Then you can create variations within or around it.
  • For example, did you notice all the places where I used those big loose flowers on tracing paper? Go back to the video and count. How many times does it appear? How many different ways did I use it?

Tip #3: Use layers to create playfulness, and a sense of mystery

  • You can layer without crowding a bunch of elements into one page.
  • Use a simple pattern on a piece of tracing paper as a flap over a slow drawing as I did on the first page.
  • Create doors or a flap that open to reveal a slow drawing.

If this is speaking to you and you’d love more guidance, I teach so much more of how to put this together in my class:

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