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Hello You: 

This week’s post is about taking chances, breaking barriers, and having the courage to fail. It’s framed in terms of building my private practice, but I know these lessons apply to your life too. In these last two years I have learned a lot about the value of taking chances, of being scared, of pushing my limits a bit, or a lot.

I am learning that some of my assumptions about what is possible for me are wrong. 

I am learning that “the next logical step” sometimes isn’t the most logical. 

I am learning to listen to “that little voice” with the “little idea” who often has something amazing for me. 

What about you? How are you taking little, or big, risks?

Please drop by Private Practice From the Inside Out to see how it is working out and tell us about what risks you are thinking about. 




Is Art Therapy for You?


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  1. Shazia

    What a timely post, Amy! I too am reflecting on my relationship to failure and how it stops me from going after all the adventures that my little voice tells me would be fun. My current risk-facing adventure is continuing to have fun while running my own business. Keep on keeping on everyone! Thank you Amy for all that you do and share.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Shazia:

      “All the little adventures that would be fun,” gee, that’s a good frame for all those ideas that go running through my head! Now I just need to follow your meditations a bit more so that I focus!

      It is an adventure working for yourself, isn’t it?




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