BIG ART Bonus Lesson

Hello Wonderful, Creative You:

Join me for a free Mindful Art Party with a special bonus lesson from BIG ART. I’ll show you how to start small, repeat yourself in the most fun way, and then GO BIG. All you need is a drawing pen and 8 – 10 squares of watercolor paper, sized 2×2 inches.

Your REPLAY will appear here when it’s ready, at about 3pm EST on Friday, and will expire at 8pm EST on Sunday.

Let’s explore what happens when we play with delicate, imperfect shapes over a series of squares. We will breathe, and nurture ourselves with simple, mindful art movements. It’s my pleasure to teach you this slow drawing pattern and watch you learn and innovate with it.

+ Drawing pen
+ 8 -10 squares of watercolor paper cut to perhaps 2 x 2

If you’ve missed it, and you’d like a chance to play, join us in making BIG ART: One Inch at a Time! Be sure to use the early bird code: YOURBIGART to save $20 through 9/7:

Creatively Yours,