Art Journal Magic: Transforming “Ugly” Art Journal Pages

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

I am waaay excited to be sharing this free online class with you! A while back I did a post focused on embracing the imperfections in your art. I showed you my “ugly” art journal pages, and you spoke loudly about how seeing my “mess” validated your messes. I’m so glad you saw my messes because art journaling is about giving yourself permission to be a mess, to be in process, to evolve, and to transform.

[bctt tweet=”Art journals are just like us – messy, confused, and always in process. “]

Art journal pages have permission to be messed up, confused, incoherent, and scattered, just like us. Some will request to be left alone, given permission to be just as they are, while others will beg you to patiently and lovingly uncover their beauty.

A Free Art Journaling Class

This free online art journaling class shows you exactly how I create, from working on multiple spreads at one time, to techniques for intuitive painting, collage, and pattern design. I take you through my approach, my supplies, my techniques, and my philosophy as I transform two “under-loved” art journal spreads.

Best of all, I’m showing you how starting with an “ugly page” gives you a distinct advantage to starting with a “blank canvas.”

So let’s get started…

SUPPLIES: Get out your journal, some acrylic paint, a brush, wax paper or a palette, some scraps of paper or other “failed” art pieces, scissors, and some glue. You may also want to use gesso, a white gel pen, or black permanent pen such as a Micron or Pitt pen.

COMMENTS: Tell us how you liked the video and what works for you!

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Creatively Yours,


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  1. Julie

    I enjoyed how you gave yourself permission and the viewer permission to play and not be tied down to outcome or the inner critic. Thank you for sharing. I am sure your class will be wonderful.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi Julie!

      Welcome to Mindful Art Studio! It’s so lovely to have you here. Isn’t it amazing what happens when you let go of those negative, nagging inner voices for a little while and just let yourself play with art? Reading your comment, however, I wonder if I’ve been unclear in my post. The free class is the video. I have other great tutorials available on my Art Tutorials page, and you can take Art Journaling 101 Online, the Intuitive Approach to Art Journaling, anytime.

      What’s on your art table these days?

      Thank you SO much for commenting.
      Creatively Yours,

  2. Ricki Lee

    Hello, Hellooooo, is anybody still out there? As a newbie, your video was very encouraging & helpful as my 3rd art journal page attempt was cringe worthy. So thank YOU for sharing this with us…it helped immensely.



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