New Class: Art Journey: Soulful, Creative, Self-Discovery

By: Amy Maricle

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Art Journey: Soulful, Creative, Self-Discovery
Tuesdays, 6 – 8 PM
October 28
November 4
December 2
January 6
February 3
116 South Street, Foxboro, MA 02035


Early Registration is Now Open!
The cost of the workshop is $169, but register by
Friday, October 3, and you’ll pay just $149!
All materials included. Just bring your journal!


Contact: Amy Maricle
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Creativity Is Calling…

Heal these wounds

I want to give you an opportunity to explore your creative self. Art journaling can offer you a space for:

– Release


-Playfulness and experimentation

– Insight

– Self-understanding

– Artistic growth


Each week you will learn new art techniques, participate in self-reflection, and, if you wish,  take part in sharing something you created with the class. The connections you build with classmates, your fellow creatives who share your desire for a more creatively empowered life, are a huge part of what make Art Journey so special.

You will encourage and inspire one another,  acknowledging fear, forging ahead on your creative journey, and sharing your successes along the way. Doesn’t that sound great? I wish I had found something like this when I was first discovering my artistic self. I want to be a part of this magic for you. Don’t we all need some more magic in our lives?



Artists manifesto

As a member of the Art Journey class and community, you can:

1. Learn techniques that enhance your ability to express yourself artistically, and minimize fears that often get in the way of your art.

2. Find new ways to explore self and spirit through art and writing. We will reflect on the process of your art as well as the images and symbols.

3. Connect with and be inspired by others who also want to plunge more deeply into their soulful, creative life.

4. Have fun!


Art Journey is an experience .


Week 1: Creating a Playful Foundation –

Would you give yourself permission? Permission to play, to get messy, or to not make much of anything at all?  The art journal is your playground.  You can take chances, make “mistakes,” and say exactly how you feel. This is your art.



I want you to get curious about your creations, even the stuff you don’t like. Art journaling can teach you to live more imaginatively, openly, and joyfully.

In week one’s class, we will experiment with art techniques that can help us to both conquer the white page and our inner critic by simply playing with materials. You will be surprised by the beauty that emerges when you release expectations. In your experience, what happens when you let go of your expectations?


Week 2: Letting Go of Fear: Playing with Prints and Stamps

Creating stamps is a great way to loosen up and get playful in your art journal. We will learn ways to cut our own stamps and use found objects. You don’t need to spend $8 for a stamp. With simple materials, you can create a beautiful stamp. Isn’t it funny how playfulness and curiosity banish fear? How do you get playful in your art? 


Week 3: Mixed Media Mayhem: Trusting the Image



Magazine photos can be a fabulous source of inspiration. Looking at images will allow you to project ideas and concepts onto them, which will launch the concept of a whole page.

You will experiment with layering special papers, gesso, paint, fabric, marker, and other materials to transform your page into a completely unique image that expresses much more than the original photo. You will learn to have faith in the art making process, let go of expectations, and learn how to “go with the flow” through the art.

Here’s a totally inspiring Pinterest page called Art Journal Inspiration, with some great examples of using magazine photos to launch your page.


Ink and String Ghostly

Image by Hesper Juhnke, Art Journaling 101 participant.


Week 4: Doodling Around

Power doodle

Everyone knows how to doodle, right? If you can write, you can doodle.You will learn some very simple patterns using circles, lines, dots, and squares that will transform your page and transport your mind to a calmer place. If you need some more ways to de-stress, whether in a  meeting, while waiting for a doctor’s appointment, or at home in your art journal, meditating through art is a great way calm your mind and body. Have you had this experience making art before? Did you know that some scientists are now studying this phenomenon of getting “in the zone” while making art? They call the experience “flow.” When is the last time you experienced flow?


Week 5: Put Some Gratitude in Your Attitude

In the last week, we will explore doing some more writing in your journal about what you appreciate – things that are beautiful, inspiring, lovely, or comforting.

You will create pages that focus on what you love about yourself, others, and the world. You will be surprised at all the beauty that is already present when you stop to look for it. Have you ever noticed that?

This will also be an opportunity to put all of your skills together on the page – building an interesting foundation, incorporating text, images, and stamps.


So, you see what I mean? Your creativity is calling. How will you answer? How do you answer? Do you ever ignore it? I know I do sometimes. There are kids, bills, chores, tv episodes, house maintenance projects, all calling more urgently than a painting or drawing. So how do you make yourself finally sit down and just do it?


Don’t miss out on this amazing experience, register now!

Contact: Amy Maricle




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