Playing with Heart: The Beauty of Imperfection

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The Beauty of Imperfection

Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

In today’s edition of the You Are an Artist Podcast, I’m thrilled to be talking with fiddler, step dancer, singer-songwriter virtuoso: April Verch. We are talking about the beauty of imperfection in creativity and letting your art “hold”difficult feelings. Whatever form of art you practice for creative self-care, I’m hoping her messages about making space for the “scratchiness” in the arts are music to your ears.


April Verch, April Verch Band,creative self-care, the beauty of imperfection, imperfection in art

Click here to listen to my conversation with April Verch

I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did. Click the arrow to listen in.

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There’s so much overlap in the creative process between music, art, dance, writing, acting, or any creative pursuit. I invite you, if you don’t already, to draw inspiration from many types of artists. I can tell you that when you give yourself permission to explore through various forms – it deepens the meaning of your art, and therefore, your enjoyment.

Give yourself permission to experiment: Write your paintings, sing your poems, and dance your drawings. Making art this way is just for you. It’s a personal-creative adventure. Don’t get hung up on what it might look or sound like to someone else. Give yourself permission to dive deep into your own creative well. I promise the journey is worthwhile.


You can check out some more of April’s music and dancing here:


You can find April online here:

 Photo credits:

April with violin: Parker J Pfister

Jumping April: Chad Casterline


  1. JM

    Great interview! I was quite wonderfully surprised to see the name of a “local” in your email and on your site ☺️ . April is a true gem.

    • Amy Johnson Maricle

      Hi JM:

      April IS a true gem! Thank you for tuning in and for taking the time to comment. Now you have me intrigued since I can’t see your name. Are you local to Massachusetts?



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