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It’s important as an art therapist that I stay connected to my own art. I thought it would be fun to start sharing some of it with you. Check back here to see what I am working on right now.


fish stamp page

9/3/14: After a few failed attempts, I finally cut the fish stamp the way I wanted it. Using a bigger stamp was one of the keys. In the smaller version I couldn’t get a detailed enough line. I am pleased with this one because it’s fun and funky and the expression could mean multiple things.


Desert journal page


8/1/14: I took a line for a walk and found a landscape.




Journal page 7.10.14

7/9/14: For this journal page, I started with a hand-cut stamp (featured in this post) laid out in a random pattern on the page. If you are creating a pattern, it’s helpful to stamp a few and then stand back before laying in the next one. I also frequently run the stamp off the page to give it a more natural, unplanned feel. Next I applied layers of green, blue, and then purple and brown watercolor with a Japanese brush, like this one. Finally, I used thin and fat Sharpie markers to create definition and contrast.  Each of the little “pockets” in the circles feels like it’s own little world to me.

There are so many nooks and crannies in there. It’s just like our insides – complex and full of contradictions: light and dark, open and closed, connected and cut off. I often see my art as an “emotional landscape -” or a picture of my soul. It’s interesting to “see yourself” on the page, isn’t it?


Elephants in Process

5/2/2014This is a work in progress. Clearly I still need to paint in the ground – but I thought it would be fun to show something unfinished so that you get a sense of process too. This is acrylic on canvas. I usually prefer oils on canvas, but smaller pieces on canvas and pieces on paper seem like good opportunities to explore the fast drying quality of acrylics.


Line Flowers

6/13/14: As you can see I am having a great time with my art journaling right now! For this 2-page spread I used lines to create abstract forms. The middle page is a painted page folded over. I have not yet glued it this way. I don’t quite like what’s inside, but I may go back and change it. I’m not sure yet. Click here to learn more about art journaling.

It Never Shuts Down

6/9/14 – I tend to get a bit excited with new projects and ideas, whether at work or in my personal life. This energy and drive is great most of the time, but sometimes I need a break. Here I have used a hand-cut foam stamp and stamped it repeatedly to create texture. Once it was dry, I wrote about what I was feeling in between the triangles. Lastly, I used a fine-tip sharpie to make squiggle lines over my text in order to beautify all that mess!



Painted Page 16/3/14 – This page was created by using red, an orangey color, and white. I moved them around on the page with an old credit card. Then I went back and highlighted some areas with a white paint marker, and a couple of spots with a purple sharpie marker. There are layers of handmade and tissue papers under and over the painted page, which is then all glued into the journal on a 2-page spread.


Ghost Figures Ink

3/1/2014 – I did this piece as a part of the Art Therapy and Happiness Project, which was started by Cathy Malchiodi and Janet McLeod to help inspire artists and art therapists to make more of their own art and share it with others. They have created a community of people who believe in the healing powers of art and community. Cathy and Janet provide art prompts and art swaps for participants. Be sure to click the link and check it out.

Supplies: Cathy posted an art prompt – the ink and string painting. All you need is some India ink from your local art supply store, chalk pastels, and a piece of string.

Process: I dipped the end of my string in the ink, and dragged it across the white page until I had some interesting lines and smudges. Once it dried, I turned the piece around until I saw an image. Then I used the chalk colors to enhance and develop the piece. This is one of my favorite works this year.


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