Art is not for the privileged, the special, the anointed. Art is the natural creative expression that is the birthright of each of us.

I’m Amy.

I created Mindful Art Studio because I wanted to share all that I know about the healing power of art for ANYONE and EVERYONE.

I work with people from all over the world – from folks who want a creative outlet for stress relief, to experienced artists who want to weave more intuition, mindfulness, and freedom into their work.

While what we are doing here is not art therapy, because of my training as an art therapist, I believe deeply in a process-oriented approach to art making. Tuning into the moment through your senses allows you to be mindfully present, enjoy the process of creating and experimenting, and let the inner critic relax. The funny part is, the more you focus on process, the more your art product improves.

Art Journaling

For me an art journal is an “anything goes” space. My journals have scribbles, doodles, project ideas, messy paint, notes about my feelings, carefully studied drawings and paintings, and everything in between. It’s an expressive space, and a space to play with art. It’s a place for experimentation, dreaming, and spreading my wings creatively. And I love getting to share my techniques and watch my students learn to do the same.

I keep an art journal and a few of my favorite supplies out on my table. When I walk by, it tempts me to spend at least a few minutes a day exploring the worlds that appear on the page, and figuring out what I really need and want in my life. It’s grounding, freeing, and playful. You can learn more about art journaling here.

There IS time for art in your life when you give yourself permission to make art because it makes you feel good.

Our creative fire can burn low, sputtering and smoky if we don’t tend it, or it can be a raging bonfire.

I find that I have to tend my creative fire in a variety of ways.

  • Gathering inspiration for art, in nature and in the world.
  • Reading books and magazines about art.
  • Spending time making art.
  • Going on artist dates to create with friends.
  • Talking to artist friends about art.
  • Going on art retreat.

Art is not for the privileged, the special, the anointed. Art is the natural creative expression that is the birthright of each one of us.

What makes it hard to create is our tendency to elevate art, and think that if it’s not “perfect,” it’s not worth making. I kick dirt on this idea. I stomp on this idea. I drop my cookies and cream with chocolate sprinkles on a wafer cone on this idea.


Because perfectionism is NOT REAL.


There is no perfect. There’s just art that never got made. Which would you prefer to have? Invigorating, imperfect art? Or a whole bunch of nothing, and regrets about the art you never dared to make? I can show you how with a few materials you can create a beautiful, playful art practice that folds naturally into your life and fills you up.

Amy Maricle’s art, words, and teaching has been featured in:

Amy Maricle


I’m Amy, an artist in Southeastern, MA. I’m inspired by the connections between nature and art. I adore patterns, paint, paper cutting, and putting it all together in art journals. My training as an art therapist taught me the importance of focusing on process over product, and how to use mindfulness to tune into the moment through art. I’ve learned how to weave these techniques together to help me and my students have a rich and playful art practice that is both satisfying, and full of imperfect beauty.

Mindful Art Studio is about creating a community where everyone is welcome: ALL races, backgrounds, religions, different abilities, and sexual and gender orientations.  I am actively working on my own bias, welcome feedback, and welcome folks to this community who are doing the same. Let’s connect through the beauty of mindful art making.


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