Art is not for the privileged.

Art is the natural creative expression that is the birthright of each of us.

I’m Amy.

I created Mindful Art Studio for you.

You want to make art but…

Your inner critic has a habit of getting in the way.

You want a creative outlet for stress relief, and to weave more intuition and meaning into your work.

While it’s not art therapy, I use my training as an art therapist to help you get past these blocks and have fun with art again.


Art Journaling

My journals are an “anything goes” space.

They have collage, scribbles, and carefully studied  paintings.

I would love to share my techniques with you.

Slow Drawing

 Slow drawing is my practice of slowly paying attention through my senses as I draw nature inspired patterns. I invite you to join me for a free weekly workshop!

You might think your art needs to look a certain way for it to be “good enough.” You worry you don’t deserve the time and money for a creative practice.

But this is the inner critic talking.

Perfectionism is NOT REAL.

Let’s create imperfectly together. I’ll show you how that leads to the most fun and the best art I’ve made.

I invite you to our FREE weekly Slow Drawing Workshops


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Amy Maricle

 I’m Amy, an artist in Massachusetts in the US. I’m inspired by the connections between nature and art. I adore patterns, paint, paper cutting, and putting it all together in art journals.

My training as an art therapist taught me how to use mindfulness to tune into the moment through art. 

Mindful Art Studio is about creating a community where everyone is welcome: ALL races, backgrounds, religions, different abilities, and sexual and gender orientations.  I am actively working on my own bias, welcome feedback, and welcome folks to this community who are doing the same. Let’s connect through the beauty of mindful art making.