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Dear Wonderful, Creative You:

As you may have surmised, one of the things happening in my Year of Creative YES is that I was invited to be one of the instructors for 21 Secrets Spring 2016 session. I’ve been prepping my video lessons for months and haven’t said a word. It’s been SO HARD to not let this cat out of the bag! But today I can tell you.

Do you know about the 21 Secrets art journaling workshop?  Each chapter of this immediate delivery e-book is written by a different teacher and has step by step instructions, videos, and photos, as well as membership in a private online community. (The course is on pre-sale right now and will release on April 1st.)

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For my workshop, I wanted to offer something fun and playful.

Adding Play & Wonder with Doors, Pockets, and Windows is all about teaching you some simple ways to add dynamic elements to your journal. Imagine cutting a window that peeks onto the page beneath, making a flap that folds out with a special image or message, or attaching moveable arms on a figure.

I love how these techniques are so simple and yet offer a whole new dimension to the work. Art journals can be a three-dimensional, interactive art form. Isn’t that the coolest?

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If you know this class would feed your artistic soul, you can take advantage of the early bird sale between today and Friday, February 19th, to save $10. Click one of the pictures or links in this post to be sure that I get an affiliate credit, (at no added cost to you) and you can support the work I’m doing at Mindful Art Studio. If you choose to do that, thank you in advance!

Click here to find out more about 21 Secrets! And, be sure to enter coupon code: springsecret to save $10!

Let me know in the comments if you are thinking about joining in on the fun!

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