Mindful Art Chats



Hello Wonderful, Creative You!

Get your materials ready: You’ll need white computer paper, acrylic or tempra paint, and a medium-ish sized brush, water, paper towels, and a plate or palette.

THANK YOU for being here with me! I’d love to share some more with you about how I create:


My mission is to empower you to use art in the most playful, expressive way possible. The best way I know how to do that is to invite you join a class, or in this case, a bundle of classes!

The Intuitive Art Creative Bundle is a grouping of classes that I put together to empower you in your intuitive art journey. There is A LOT that can get in the way of our creative lives. We are so busy, it can be hard to know how to set up your creative practice in a way that makes creating EASY and ENJOYABLE. So many students and coaching clients talk to me about feeling overwhelmed, not good enough, and guilty for wanting to engage in their art. I know when I feel this way what I want is a little hand holding. When the obstacles are too great, it just requires too much energy. I want to facilitate your art process for you so you can show up joyfully to create.


Here’s all the creative love I’ll be sending your way:

Small Creative Acts: (Normally $29)

Through video and writing exercises, you’ll be amazed to learn about your own creativity and the legacy within your family. You’ll validate the creative things you already do (and never think of as creative) and get inspired with some amazing projects.

Freeing the Muse: (Normally $19)

It’s one hour of creative invention. Play along with me where there are no rules, and you’ll discover that the messier, more imperfect you are, the more fun you’ll have and the more creative you’ll be.

Art Journaling 101: (Normally $49)

Now you are ready to dig into your art journal and learn some basics while also letting your imaginative, intuitive voice shine through. You’ll learn some of my best intuitive art journaling prompts and how I use them to create art journal pages that are meaningful and adventurous.

Normally all three classes would cost $97, but this weekend only I’m offering this creative bundle for just $82.


Creatively Yours,