Fluid Art is an online class designed to help you make art a more fluid part of your life. Using high flow acrylic paint, gorgeous handmade journals you’ll make yourself, and simple patterns, you’ll create mini masterpieces you can work on anywhere, any time. Isn’t it time you got into the flow?


This class will be expiring from the Mindful Art Studio shop on May 13th. This is your last chance to grab it before it’s gone. 

Lesson Plan

Part One


Part Two

Making Your Own Journals

Part Three

High Flow Acrylic Paint Techniques

Part four

Drawing Techniques

Part Five

Project Ideas


Inspiration Gallery

Watch the paint and your creativity flow!

It’s fun! Watching the paints flow and marble is mesmerising!

It’s creative! You can collage with your mini masterpieces in inventive ways to create unique art journal pages, paintings, and hand made cards.

It’s portable! Working small will help you make art in short bursts of time, which means you’ll make more art.

Using high flow paints, in short art exercises, Fluid Art will open up a fun, accessible way to weave art into your life.

Student Gallery

(You could be making this!)

“Amy has created a truly magical art technique that enables all of us to achieve success! Because the artworks that we make are so small, it means the whole process is wonderfully portable… I can keep doodling whenever a short span of time is available. The potential of using fluid acrylics in this way is great fun and the permutations are endless……..the process is really quite addictive!”

– Katie Flowers

“I wanted to tell you that what you are doing with this online workshop is fabulous. All the videos thus far have been wonderfully helpful, your examples are beautiful, and I’m feeling so inspired – my drawing table is full of ‘mini-masterpieces’ and I’m looking forward to being able to take them along with me wherever I go. Thank you in advance for sharing these techniques and reminding me that art is accessible…for anyone.”

– Melinda Downey Schultz

“With my art in the past, I’ve felt not worthy or disappointed in my results. I am having so much fun with the high flow paints. I’m not totally in control so it’s like part of my responsibility is released in a way thats’ really freeing. I’m fascinated with how the different paints repel or sink, float or pull, and then watching them creep, while figuring out what to do …. do I tip it? Or blow, or spray water? It’s just so much fun!!! Who knew?!”

– Lisa Moriarty

How do I access my class?

Upon purchase, you will login or create a new username and password.

You can use these details to login to your Big Art Dashboard and access the class whenever you’d like. The Dashboard will house all classes you’ve taken from Mindful Art Studio. 

How long do I have access for?

You will have access to the class for the lifetime of Mindful Art Studio.

In what format is this class?

This is a big, full class, with 6.5 hours of video lessons, and a meaty PDF with written instructions as well.

Can I save the class to my computer?

The videos remain on this site and are not downloadable, but you will receive a workbook to save to your computer and print out.

What are the minimum Supplies?

At a minimum, to make the mini masterpiece paintings, you’ll need mixed media paper, high flow acrylic paints, a few hole punches, and a few gel pens. This minimal list would cost approximately $70 USD.


What's the full supply list?

The full supply list includes materials for making the tunnel books, and includes things like the cutting board and Xacto knife, a full set of hole punches, etc. If you want to go whole hog, it could be as much as $230 USD, but you could also go middle of the road for about $150 – $170. Click here to see the full list of supplies.