Drawing Closer to Nature


Drawing from nature is one of the practices that brings me most serenity. Looking deeply at the shapes, colors, and twists and turns of the forms helps me to slow down inside, and also to render nature’s beauty more accurately.

Most of the “trick” with drawing is not about drawing. It’s about seeing. When most of us draw, we start drawing the image of the thing in our head, not the thing in front of us. One of the biggest joys of drawing this way is getting to slow down and see a dried leaf or a flower petal in all its beautiful detail.

With Drawing Closer to Nature, You Will:

  • Practice mindful seeing and drawing exercises that help you see with new eyes.
  • Learn to render our natural treasures in gorgeous detail.
  • Add color and life and take your drawings from wonky to WHOA!

You’ll see how much you can stretch your art practice with these fun drawing exercises. Let’s create!