Creative Mentoring

You CAN make art you love.

I can show you how.

Do spend more time collecting art materials than creating with them?

Do you watch art tutorials, but rarely make anything?

Do you feel like you are “wasting” time when you make art?

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I’m Amy Maricle, an artist, art therapist, and creative mentor.

I use my skills to help women all over the world identify and eliminate creative blocks*. 

“Working with Amy is such a joy! Before our mentoring session she provided homework that helped me dive deep into how I wanted to shape my art practice and how I needed to think about my next steps. The homework was so insightful I plan on revisiting it when I do my yearly planning sessions for my art business. During our conversation, Amy had so many insightful things to say I took five pages of notes! In the weeks since our session, I’ve been referring back to those notes as I continue to think about and implement my next steps. I have felt incredibly nurtured and understood during the whole process.” – Misty Granade, Artist

I will work with you to develop a personalized set of techniques to help you develop a happy, thriving art practice.

Through our work, you will:

  • Use your imagination to come up with creative solutions to your creative blocks.
  • Break creative projects into exciting baby steps that you can achieve with joy
  • Make friends with your inner critic and get her to sit back while you make art.
  • Develop concrete practices that make regular art making a joy, not a stress.
  • Learn to use mindfulness techniques to make art and center yourself at the same time.
  • Make art that is playful, joyful, and meaningful.

“My biggest takeaway is probably the encouragement to give myself room to make mistakes… [what helped was] Amy’s very accepting, nonjudgmental presence, sense of humor, and creation of a “safe space” (ultimately inside myself) to create.” – Judy Rosenbaum, MA, USA

Your Investment:

– Individual 1-hour session: $179

– Bundle of Creative Mojo: Five 1-hour sessions for $800 (Save $95)

If you know you are ready to start right now, here’s all the information. Just email me at: I look forward to joining you on your creative journey!


Is creative mentoring for experienced artists? Can beginners do creative mentoring?

I work with artists from across the spectrum, ranging from brand new artists who struggle to get started, to seasoned artists who have hit a creative wall or want to take their work in a more intuitive, meaningful direction.

Is this art therapy?

No, art therapy is a mental health service. In creative mentoring, we are focused on your art and art process. My training as an art therapist gives me unique insight into people’s psychology. I have a clear understanding of the way we sometimes put up roadblocks against the very things we want and need most. This gives us a leg up in helping you to clear these obstacles. But, we won’t address issues such as depression, and anxiety. Also, art can be a powerful healing force, and I can help you set up your mindful art practice, which may feel meaningful and grounding. This may have positive health benefits, too. But as your mentor, my focus is on your art process, not your mental health. If mental health issues arise, I will suggest that you seek support from an art therapist or therapist in your area who can help.

Are you going to analyze my art?

No. I like to think about us having an “art ego.” I want to build up your art ego, not break it down. When we are little, we make art without worry about what others think of our scribbles, markings, and colors. As we get older, we take in negative, limited messages about what “art” is, that can shut down our creative impulses. I see my job as helping you to create the conditions necessary in your life so that you can be as creative as you want, as in many ways as you want, as often as you want. Together we will create systems and practices that do that for you.

What should I expect in my first creative mentoring session?

I have a highly collaborative approach that seeks to provide you with structure and ideas, but in a relaxed, flexible way that empowers you to partner in coming up with solutions. I’ll help you figure out what’s getting in the way of creating the art you want, we’ll talk together about one or two possible solutions, tailor it to you, and you’ll try it out for homework. You’ll be in control of the pace and volume of homework depending on your personality and lifestyle.

Does creative mentoring require a big time commitment?

No. Creative mentoring is all about helping you to fold art time into your existing schedule and/or helping you make the changes necessary to make more time for “big art.” I typically meet with clients for a 1 hour session every other week. Some clients work through their goals in 5 sessions, and others work with me for longer periods of time because they find the structure and accountability of meeting with me to be a support they can’t find in their community, especially if they are focused on developing a mindful art practice.

Do you work with anyone besides artists? Do you work with writers, dancers, or actors?

Yes. The creative process is universal. The tools and techniques I use to help people make more of the art they want go beyond the type of art you practice.

*This is not art therapy. You can learn more about art therapy here.